Equipment in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Equipment

1. State the parts of which a cord equipment consists. 🔊

2. In those days, such equipment would have been magic. 🔊

3. I gathered a generous equipment of these, and ambushed him. 🔊

4. But a shy modesty was a weapon in her equipment for the fray. 🔊

5. Nor has nature been very generous in the physical equipment of the species. 🔊

6. I didn't have either the time or the equipment to open it. 🔊

7. The admirable equipment of their arctic ships carries London to the pole. 🔊

8. The first large trial of such an equipment was in 1896 in Worcester, Mass. 🔊

How to use Equipment in Sentences?

1. In the matter of kitchen equipment there is an attempt to provide some of the conveniences. 🔊

2. Indeed it should in some degree be a part of the equipment of every educated person. 🔊

3. This is the type of instrument that is usually furnished when new equipment is ordered. 🔊

4. It might be pertinently asked what constitutes an adequate equipment of machines for crepe-making. 🔊

5. Her kitchen equipment might be confined to an open fire and a spit, and a few battered pots. 🔊

6. They just didn't have the mental equipment to cope with them and the others did. 🔊

7. The surgical scars on his neck where the micro-communications equipment had been inserted itched maddeningly. 🔊

8. Perhaps they had heard his engines, although his own equipment had caught none of their drive-noise. 🔊

9. It should also be noted that these plans make no suggestions for co-operative use of any of the equipment of the household. 🔊

10. But the public-school system is at present wholly without the equipment necessary for the performance of these functions. 🔊

11. At least they should have made all sadder and wiser; and they certainly were in some cases an equipment for descriptive authorship. 🔊

12. There are many large rooms with all the appliances of war in apparently perfect order for the equipment of 5000 men. 🔊

13. The father was an austere county judge, largely destitute of the rich equipment for the profession for which the son was distinguished. 🔊