Erected in a sentence

Definition of Erected

simple past tense and past participle of erect

How to use Erected in a Sentence?

  • A companion to this one, for they were always erected in pairs, has been removed.
  • The building, of which some portions still exist, was erected in the twelfth century.
  • But bodily reprisal, though he erected it into a practice, proved no deterrent.
  • A new addition has been erected at one end, and the old church may soon be put in repair.
  • There is an old cathedral in Cebu, and another new one was erected when the revolution was begun.
  • This cave is in the Church of St. Mary, said to have been erected in 330 by Constantine.
  • Upon his report to the king the house was pulled down and a new parsonage erected at some distance from the place.
  • The markets created by the manufacturing population have erected agriculture into a great thriving and spending industry.
  • They are quite inexpensive and easily erected and not difficult to repair, as they turn on a dovetail.
  • Rather than transport the animal from the south, they doubtless erected this representation of what they must have held sacred.
  • The piazza had been boarded and carpeted all over, and raised seats were erected for the spectators who had obtained tickets.
  • All that they had erected was taken down and rebuilt, and all that they had demolished, as accurately as possible replaced.
  • On the top of these mounds, doubtless there were erected capacious temples, as there are significant avenues of ascent.
  • The upper story was afterwards used as the school-room of the chorister boys, but a new building has recently been erected for them.
  • To have erected any barrier in this instance would have been an insult, to my perception of the kind of man with whom I had to deal.
  • Under his direction, too, new stalls for the dean and prebendaries were erected under the organ, and new stalls for the choir constructed.
  • It stood high up on the plateau; but there were a small number of tents on the low ground, by the river, as some batteries had been erected here.
  • In each one of them has been erected a Catholic temple, sufficient in itself alone to give glory to the hand that has directed it.
  • Extra anti-aircraft guns, of powerful calibre, were erected in many places about the city, and more airmen were summoned to the defense.
  • Here boarding covered the ditch, removing the occupant of a booth erected thereon, and would-be clients, from the passing stream of humanity.
  • A hand-book to each of the historic courts erected in the Sydenham Palace was prepared at the time the courts were built.
  • Near this place a new German Catholic church was being erected at a cost of four hundred thousand dollars.
  • On a certain promontory overhanging the aforementioned town of Empthor was erected a fort, the ruins of whose walls may yet be traced.
  • A great mainmast rooted from the bowels of a French war-ship of old type was erected in a clear open space that lay almost like a deck around it.
  • After the catastrophe, Mr. Pennroyal caused a handsome iron railing to be erected round the scene of it.
  • If it were located in New York, probably one of the tall buildings characteristic of that city would be erected on the site.
  • It is an old, curious, square tower, and at the brink of its notched edge there is a shingled helmet which was erected by one of the late Orzos.
  • Two spectacular attempts to "break through" the wall of concrete and iron Germany had erected in the West had been made.
  • On the spot where its old prison used to stand within the palace precincts, the diocesan Register Office was erected in 1760.
  • That Hussey built a castle, said to be the first erected at Dingle, the vaults of which were afterwards used as the county gaol.

Short Example Sentence for Erected

  • The present building was erected in 1869.
  • This monument was erected by J. Bacon, jun.
  • Towers erected in the thirteenth century are still strongholds.
  • It was erected between 1482 and the close of the fifteenth century.
  • Out of the wood of idols crucifixes are erected along the highways.
  • The palace was perhaps originally erected by Gundulf himself.
  • The cathedral of Manila was erected into a metropolitan in 1595.
  • Tradition says this was erected by a member of the de Pengersick family.
  • Here, I was told, stood the first church building erected in Nazareth.
  • It is in St Peter's, at Rome, and was erected in 1792.

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