Erotic in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Erotic

1. They are not what we should call erotic poets. 🔊

2. The erotic fever which had possessed him disappeared at once. 🔊

3. ORI, delirious (with love), one of the Erotic Genii. 🔊

4. At once a degraded set of secondary erotic myths cluster around Zeus. 🔊

5. Shelley's clear, erotic passion is always a "cosmic" thing. 🔊

How to use Erotic in Sentences?

1. A note of undisguised materialism sounds throughout the large majority of their erotic songs. 🔊

2. But he has buried most of his erotic woes, such as they were, in a dead language. 🔊

3. The plays of Wycherley and other Caroline dramatists are erotic in a bad sense. 🔊

4. They deal not only with matters to which the word erotic is generally applied, but also with unnatural practices. 🔊

5. Nor are the grammatical quibbles, which might also have been indicated as a defect of the erotic poetry, conspicuous by absence. 🔊

6. This is the literary ghetto, the gutter books, the commercialized sex trash as distinguished from honest erotic realism. 🔊

7. We shall trace it even in such abnormal literature of indulgence as the erotic work commonly ascribed to Meursius. 🔊

8. My religious enthusiasm was so intense that often I was in a condition which must have been closely connected with erotic religious ecstasy. 🔊

9. The creator of the "Kewpies" also was the writer of these sensitive, occasionally erotic poems. 🔊

10. Though to be classed among erotic poems, the Song of Songs cannot fairly be called immoral or obscene. 🔊

11. The next step would be to think of the one as regularly pursuing the other over the heavens, and to this chase an erotic cause would naturally be assigned. 🔊

12. But often enough the erotic desire appears in the background with men too; all the heroic deeds and incidents are after all meant only to win the admiration and favor of women. 🔊

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