Establish in a sentence

Definition of Establish

(transitive) To make stable or firm; to confirm. | (transitive) To form; to found; to institute; to set up in business. | (transitive) To appoint or adopt, as officers, laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.; to enact; to ordain.

Short Example Sentence for Establish

  • 1. Nor do they establish this point.
  • 2. Some have come, intending to establish themselves and to be married here.
  • 3. How many coincidences are required to establish a law of connection?
  • 4. Cawnpore, proposal to establish a Technological College at, 267.
  • 5. Answer: "In that event their desire is to establish the Southern Confederacy.

How to use Establish in a Sentence?

  • 1. These, then, are the steps necessary to establish the atomic weight of an element.
  • 2. I have done quite enough to establish my name in the army, and as much as one man can do.
  • 3. To establish his position, he relies upon two arguments, which we shall proceed to examine.
  • 4. And at a stroke he would establish this habitation and wipe out the blackest spot in the Jago.
  • 5. An attempt is thus made to establish the Ethics of Atheism on the ruins of Religion.
  • 6. He desired to establish himself there, where Disert-Patrick is, and Lec-Patrick.
  • 7. Those civilians who can readily establish their identity as old residents of the town have no trouble.
  • 8. The cooperators were asked to establish small experimental forest plantings with the trees furnished them.
  • 9. Of course you don't know the two witnesses either who could establish your innocence?
  • 10. If they wanted their boats protected it was up to them to do it, establish a shore police patrol financed by themselves.
  • 11. The woman who has reared him has the papers that establish his legitimacy; they are in a red morocco pocket-book.
  • 12. Thus, in their zeal to establish their own peculiar dogmas, they place themselves and their cause in the power of the infidel.
  • 13. I shall establish the fact by authentic documents, and no one will have occasion to deplore the end of a legend.
  • 14. The primary purpose was to establish a full and exact list of all subscriptions, with notation especially of delinquencies.
  • 15. In this manner these great legislators complete their plan of levelling, and establish their rights of men on a sure foundation.
  • 16. The latter is the principal presidio of the Spaniards, where we are beginning to establish a college.
  • 17. Yet, though unable properly to establish themselves, they formed squares, and roughly repelled the enemy.
  • 18. But religion does not merely establish and sanction morality; it also frees it from a certain narrowness it always has, as of the earth.
  • 19. It would be difficult, we think, to establish the truth of either of these positions by evidence that could be satisfactory to any reflecting mind.
  • 20. The powers then proposed to establish a "warlike blockade," but "without any declaration of war.
  • 21. That if the people of that country chose to establish a republic it was all well; France would make no objection.
  • 22. I establish my own free colleges and schools of law and medicine, and I proceed to tax all others at their full valuation.
  • 23. He had occasionally thought that Peterson meant to take the poor, pretentious creature away from the dance-halls and establish her somewhere.
  • 24. This point, no less than the former, the Socinian endeavours to establish by means of analogies drawn from the ordinary transactions of life.
  • 25. It remained for the new governor to make a demonstration which would establish firmly the drooping prestige of New France.
  • 26. It does not establish any general protectorate by the United States over other American states.
  • 27. In cases of this sort all that the visitor can do is to establish a connection which will make the girl feel that she has some one she can turn to in case of trouble or unemployment.
  • 28. Owing to the instability of these organizations the effort is often made to combine them and to establish them on a sound financial basis as national fraternal insurance societies.
  • 29. He would consequently have every motive, both from the desire to establish his reputation and from the position and charm of his sitters, to do his very best.
  • 30. It might have been possible for the rent collector or a sanitary inspector with a social point of view to establish friendly relations on their regular visits to the families.
  • 31. This is certainly an earnest and systematic effort on the part of our brethren of these churches to establish higher educational and ethical standards on the part of the ministers in that state.
  • 32. They still regard the effort to establish permanently a foreign and imperial government in Mexico as disallowable and impracticable.
  • 33. These outpourings from a burning heart will always compel the student of our literature to weigh them, sift them, and establish them in some very honourable position.
  • 34. It is, that if we are to establish a system of higher education, we must begin by recognizing freely and fully the distinction between teacher and professor.
  • 35. That truth inevitably seeks to establish itself as scientifically true, and with the aid of the ruling philosophical tendency of the day clothes itself in a view of the universe and in a creed.