Established in a sentence

Definition of Established

Having been in existence for a long time and therefore recognized and generally accepted. | Of a religion, church etc.: formally recognized by a state as being official within that area. | (Model, procedure, disease) Explicitly defined, described or recognized as a reference.

How to use Established in a Sentence?

  • New collections established in 73, and a later collection in 30, rural districts.
  • The Conservative Party has always stood quite definitely for the established propertied interests.
  • Meantime Orion had gone down the river and established his little job-printing-office in Keokuk.
  • It amazes me now to think how little either of us troubled about the established rights or wrongs of the situation.
  • And at any particular time only a small minority have a personal interest in changing the established state of affairs.
  • I shall be very glad if a connection be established between us, having heard you so well spoken of.
  • In this part of his argument, he employs his ambiguous proposition in a different sense from that in which he established it.
  • It was a custom which was so well established and so universally recognized, that it had all the force and dignity of law.
  • There were no well established native states but rather a congeries of small groups something like clans.
  • And to make this state of things yet more remarkable, there were two courts established for fixing rates.
  • The library would be open to any established or unestablished officer of the postal and telegraph service at a slight subscription per month.
  • This new relationship had been only established within a very few days, and upon that account, perhaps, it was the more patent.
  • Later on, a post would be suddenly established for a particular purpose, and as soon abandoned when no longer specially required.
  • A subsequent examination of the melon patch established the truth of Joe's words.
  • It established the power of Spain in the Philippines and laid the foundations of their permanent organization.
  • Jessie gave him the little bed-room off the kitchen, and there Joe established himself, to our great satisfaction.
  • It appears that before Post Offices were established special messengers were employed to carry letters.
  • By his successful conduct in the West, Sheridan had now thoroughly established his military reputation.
  • It was one of those experiences which throw a man out of conformity with the established order of his kind and make him a creature of obscure suggestions.
  • It tamed their lives, elevated the status of women, established the Christian family, and gave them the literature of the devotional life.
  • There is extant among the family papers a letter containing a very pretty account of the relations which were soon established between these small personages.
  • Grant, who had now become lieutenant-general, established his head-quarters in Virginia in March, 1864.
  • All those who left the cities tried to track down some of their old comrades, heading in the direction of newly established settlements and subsequently joining with some of them.
  • It is because this coherence is so imperfectly established in many human beings that their knowledge is so indistinguishable from opinion, and that they separate so loosely truth from error.
  • She knew that he excelled in all the virtues that are monumental and public, that he was an honourable opponent, a scrupulous defender of established rules and precedents.
  • In this way it was felt the Demand would be established that would, according to the beliefs of that time, inevitably ensure the Supply.
  • Then if it be established that the thing is not of the Evil One, we may the better regard it as from the Lord of whom she speaks.
  • It was a part of that motive power which impelled him in the direction of the beaten road, of the established custom, of things as they have always been in the past.
  • There is no better established rule, in commencing hostilities, public or private, than this: If you strike at all, strike with all your might.

Short Example Sentence for Established

  • Firm now established in Germany.
  • One of the earliest established French firms.
  • The seat of the League is established at Geneva.
  • New schools established at Moscow, Odessa and Omsk.
  • Already they had established a communion that was independent of speech.
  • Its truth must be established by a different species of proof.
  • New flying school established at Taskend in Turkestan.
  • The Franks had been now upwards of thirty years established in the East.
  • The rate of exchange was that established by Pankburn with One-Eye.
  • A Bristol Post Office benefit society was established in March, 1861.
  • London office: 28, Broadway, Westminster, S.W. Established 1912.

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