Evacuation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Evacuation

1. A morbidly frequent evacuation of the intestines. 🔊

2. The Defence and Evacuation of Winchester. 🔊

3. The entire evacuation of the Peninsula had now been completed. 🔊

4. After the evacuation of Boston by the British troops, she returned thither. 🔊

5. The evacuation of this indomitable people was made at San Giovanni di Medua. 🔊

6. A few hours later, General Worth compelled the evacuation of San Antonio. 🔊

How to use Evacuation in Sentences?

1. Nelka in turn completed a full evacuation of her whole hospital and saved all of her material. 🔊

2. The good fortune which had attended the evacuation continued during the night of the 19th-20th. 🔊

3. The ambulance rolled up to the evacuation station, and my pastry cook alighted. 🔊

4. They even seem to have demanded the evacuation of the town hall within twenty-four hours. 🔊

5. The complete evacuation of an entire army, piece by piece, had to be undertaken. 🔊

6. He added that the evacuation of invaded territory must be a prior condition of an Armistice. 🔊

7. He expressed the opinion that the evacuation was a benefit to England, and it unquestionably was. 🔊

8. On the twenty-sixth Beauregard issued orders for complete evacuation on the twenty-ninth. 🔊

9. The evacuation of Corsica was complete, though the ships remained another week in its waters. 🔊

10. The evacuation and "restoration" of all invaded territory, especially of Belgium. 🔊

11. Nelson directed to superintend evacuation of, by British, 247; evacuation of, 251-253. 🔊

12. In my conversations with Colonel House we never spoke of the evacuation of any German territory. 🔊

13. Attention has been concentrated to a great extent on evacuation of the bowels and the consequences have been rather serious. 🔊