Evaded in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Evaded

1. Her glance evaded his. 🔊

2. She evaded the question. 🔊

3. Suzanne evaded this question. 🔊

4. Two individuals evaded capture. 🔊

5. But the girl was not to be evaded in that way. 🔊

6. I shivered and evaded the question. 🔊

7. Happiness had evaded her and joy had passed her by. 🔊

8. He evaded her direct questioning stubbornly. 🔊

9. The difficulty was evaded by dropping the proposal. 🔊

10. She had evaded direct reply to his direct question. 🔊

11. Frank coloured, and evaded the question. 🔊

12. And when he had evaded her, she had never asked again. 🔊

13. He certainly must have evaded his own idea on that point. 🔊

14. The Marquis, however, evaded every question. 🔊

15. Roberta would have evaded the question, and turned it off with a laugh. 🔊

16. The Mississippian evaded the blow and flashed in with his left. 🔊

17. He had evaded climbing the Pyramids and fled from the ostrich farm. 🔊

18. This is the question which Mr. Hume has evaded and not fairly met. 🔊

How to use Evaded in Sentences?

1. But the contemplation of it cannot be evaded by the historian, however much it may be abhorred. 🔊

2. Where differences appeared, Napoleon evaded close discussion and passed to other matters. 🔊

3. He advanced upon her, but she, lithe and quick, evaded him, and sprang for the middle of the room. 🔊

4. When Queen Eleanor took it over to Germany, it was at first evaded and refused. 🔊