Evening in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Evening

1. There was not an evening paper there. 🔊

2. He was thankful when the evening was over. 🔊

3. The evening was delightfully calm. 🔊

4. We spent the evening as in the old days. 🔊

5. The evening arrived, but no audience. 🔊

6. The fears of the company increased as evening closed in. 🔊

7. The last evening of my four weeks was drawing to a close. 🔊

8. Anyhow, Cloete one evening takes him out to have a drink. 🔊

9. One evening he appeared with a red flower in his button-hole. 🔊

10. Towards evening the clouds gathered again, and he rose and struggled on. 🔊

11. As the evening advanced, the landscape darkened into a sterner character. 🔊

12. It was the old custom of this church so to conclude Evening Prayer. 🔊

How to use Evening in Sentences?

1. But it is only when evening descends that this realm of waters begins to show signs of life. 🔊

2. Nothing could be more delectable, also, than the breaking up of one of their evening card parties. 🔊

3. But it was towards the approach of evening that I felt the highest enthusiasm awakened. 🔊

4. The little old lady did not come that day, and in the evening Ida was sent for by her uncle. 🔊

5. He hadn't exchanged forty words altogether during the evening with the other guests. 🔊

6. I was being measured or fitted all day, and all the evening was running up and down stairs with the completed items. 🔊