Evermore in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Evermore

1. For evermore forgotten be! 🔊

2. And evermore it flies. 🔊

3. And evermore said him naye. 🔊

4. And evermore the day succeeds the night. 🔊

5. And evermore the heavenly chimes in heavenly cadence ring. 🔊

6. The spirit I, which evermore denies! 🔊

7. My thoughts did evermore disdain A rival on my throne. 🔊

8. But my inward woe, Be it evermore unknown to you, as now! 🔊

9. O thirst, forever ardent, Yet evermore content! 🔊

10. Are evermore informing thy harsh tongue. EL. 🔊

11. Well may we this grace and favour Evermore with blessings tell! 🔊

12. For evermore a hope unseen Betwixt the blossom and the bough. 🔊

13. And my discourse no less Must evermore sound noisome to thine ear. 🔊

14. And evermore from the high barbican, Saluted each returning caravan. 🔊

15. We wash, and free from all stain are we, Yet barren evermore must be! 🔊

16. A moment, and his wrath is past, Our joy for evermore shall last. 🔊

17. Preserving evermore THE CHILD. 🔊

How to use Evermore in Sentences?

1. Without the friendship of Christ we should all have been lost for evermore in hell. 🔊

2. To learn through thee the presence of that aim Which evermore must guide me. 🔊

3. And evermore you sobb'd and sigh'd, Burning in flames beyond all measure. 🔊