Evokes in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Evokes

1. And weakness in duty evokes the hour of God and fate. 🔊

2. In them is a perfect poise which subjectively evokes an emotion of movement. 🔊

3. The environment of the plant evokes that content, but it adds nothing to it. 🔊

4. Standing beside Anthony he evokes all the deities of the antique world. 🔊

How to use Evokes in Sentences?

1. I do not think that Wordsworth is one whose memory evokes a deep personal attachment. 🔊

2. No other edifice evokes more vivid souvenirs of its historic past than this hybrid palace of Richelieu. 🔊

3. This sea, the depth of which has never been sounded, evokes by its origin and its mysterious aspect, the dolorous image of death. 🔊

4. The latter word evokes to occidental ears images of sensual seduction which the Moroccan harem seldom realizes. 🔊

5. The name evokes in us the image of Life, and calls up the theater of our activities, our ambitions, our joys and sorrows. 🔊

6. In short the pianist draws from many sources the experience, the feeling and emotion with which he strives to inspire the tones he evokes from his instrument. 🔊

7. To most people the word "oasis" evokes palms and sand; but though Morocco possesses many oases it has no pure sand and few palms. 🔊

8. The imagination is as boundless in the images it evokes as imagery itself, and no specific cure for fears of darkness and unmeasured danger can ever meet the difficulty. 🔊

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