Evolve in a sentence 🔊

Definition of Evolve

To move in regular procession through a system. | (intransitive) To change; transform. | To come into being; develop.

Short Example Sentence for Evolve

  • 1. Indeed it will evolve to fit new circumstances. 🔊
  • 2. Man must evolve upon his own as much as possible. 🔊
  • 3. That world, however, continues to evolve during this time. 🔊
  • 4. Toda a America latina evolve segundo normas novas. 🔊
  • 5. When we are young we are apt to evolve friendships out of our imagination. 🔊
  • 6. Humanity had not lived long enough here to evolve its own son to that height. 🔊
  • 7. Unfortunately, not all evolve as fast spiritually as they do physically. 🔊
  • 8. Gradually the strange heaps of parts began to evolve a mighty engine of war. 🔊
  • 9. If a new plan is needed, the commander will evolve one and adopt it. 🔊
  • 10. I paced the deck undisturbed, struggling vainly to evolve some solution. 🔊
  • 11. And Stingaree, chin on chest, was left in peace to evolve a way of escape. 🔊

How to use Evolve in a Sentence?

  • 1. It is doubtful if it was mentally prepared to entertain it, or evolve the idea. 🔊
  • 2. But he was not philosophical enough to evolve an idea that would disrupt existing beliefs. 🔊
  • 3. We do not suddenly acquire faculties, we evolve them by effort and successive selection. 🔊
  • 4. Rainey felt the dreary suggestion of it all as he walked up and down, trying to evolve some plan. 🔊
  • 5. The authors conclude that a stable gun-cotton does not evolve more than 2.5 c.c. 🔊
  • 6. As a decimal always tends by evolution towards a number, so also we evolve toward an infinity. 🔊
  • 7. If I were to undertake it I should fail miserably, and evolve only gloom and fear. 🔊
  • 8. We know that each country must evolve its own revolution out of its own conditions and in its own imagination. 🔊
  • 9. What other signification could be placed upon this supposititious drama which they were to evolve together? 🔊
  • 10. They must evolve the faculty of transforming group opinion into governmental or organizational action. 🔊
  • 11. Such are some of the recollections which evolve themselves at this date, when we are on the eve of a new era and a new course. 🔊
  • 12. It is from these tribes that we have learned the multifarious ways in which a group of human beings can evolve a culture and a society. 🔊
  • 13. The market was allowed to develop and evolve without premature legal intervention or proprietary technological lockout. 🔊
  • 14. Intelligence must always evolve its own religion; sin is only an unfaithfulness to what one really believes. 🔊
  • 15. No mixing of the contents of these bottles and jars can evolve life, or even the smallest speck of protoplasm. 🔊
  • 16. For days this centaurian combination tortured him without his being able to evolve a satisfactory method of removing the blasphemous poster. 🔊
  • 17. We count beads or men or horses before we evolve an abstract idea of number, or an abstract multiplication table. 🔊
  • 18. Probably they will evolve a game for themselves which in the next generation will utterly eclipse bridge, as bridge has eclipsed whist and solo. 🔊
  • 19. As a plain matter of cause and effect, what kind of a moral situation would you expect to evolve out of these materials? 🔊
  • 20. She adores the pages that tell how to evolve your entire spring outfit from a shoe-string and a strip of left-over embroidery. 🔊
  • 21. Those who have not the ears to hear nor the eyes to see shall not move with this planet into the new age, but shall be sent to evolve elsewhere. 🔊
  • 22. They evolve like vegetable or flower forms of fine substance, therefore appear like flowers waving in the wind. 🔊
  • 23. At this point we might stop, without following the ulterior steps by which the solar system is made to evolve out of heated vapour. 🔊
  • 24. All the nations evolve on the same lines, and wars, perpetual wars, break out for the right of precedence in the market. 🔊
  • 25. Reasoning from these premises, we may conclude, that in order to have a true republic, we must first evolve a true society. 🔊
  • 26. In one word, for the first time in the history of the race, we shall evolve the totally new idea of responsibility in parentage. 🔊
  • 27. And, in due time, out of them will evolve the incalculable issues of human welfare and the Divine glory. 🔊
  • 28. I tried to evolve that sea from my inner consciousness, you know, or rather from seas that I have sailed over. 🔊
  • 29. How did that Divine life and consciousness, in the first upward stage of evolution, evolve in the germinal life the power to respond? 🔊