Evolving in a sentence πŸ”Š

Short Sentences for Evolving

1. I remember quite distinctly evolving that vision. πŸ”Š

2. So the churning begins in matter, evolving types of life. πŸ”Š

3. He is evolving you as the agents for His future universe. πŸ”Š

4. We're evolving those rules now! πŸ”Š

5. But generally five-fold is PrΓ’na, the five-fold evolving life. πŸ”Š

6. There are three aspects, we recollect, which the evolving Self has to unfold. πŸ”Š

How to use Evolving in Sentences?

1. He had the power of evolving out of most people he met something that was real and of interest. πŸ”Š

2. Another great principle is the double and parallel action of Íshvara and of the evolving Self. πŸ”Š

3. Here he found a generous patron in Abdul-Hamid, then evolving his Pan-Islamic policy. πŸ”Š

4. I shall not trouble you this morning at all with that threefold division of the evolving life with which we dealt yesterday. πŸ”Š

5. In the first case, time and energy have to be expended in evolving from within a fresh impulse for every topic. πŸ”Š

6. No less than a change of the centre of consciousness from the animal to the human, one of the most significant changes in the evolving life. πŸ”Š

7. As this double action goes on within the form, more and more does that evolving centre begin to control the form within which it is developed. πŸ”Š

8. He is living and working out of harmony with the Divine mind that is evolving a higher order of life in the world. πŸ”Š

9. Slowly but surely white culture is evolving the theory that "darkies" are born beasts of burden for white folk. πŸ”Š

10. A. P. must have been pondering very deeply to take so long a time in evolving that simple question. πŸ”Š

11. In a short time I had the pleasure of seeing a pretty little sock evolving itself out of the long strand of yarn. πŸ”Š