Exacting in a sentence

Definition of Exacting

Making excessive demands; difficult to satisfy. | (of an action, task, etc) Requiring precise accuracy, great care, effort, or attention. | (of a person or organization) Characterized by exaction.

How to use Exacting in a Sentence?

  • At the end of the concerto the applause was generous enough to satisfy the most exacting virtuoso.
  • There has been beautiful weather here ever since we came, except for exacting invalids.
  • He was for driving hard bargains, exacting interest and payment of just bills to a day.
  • My major law work was in the most exacting and nerve-racking branch, the trying of cases.
  • Mother Nature will not be abused as he had abused her without exacting a terrible penalty.
  • My physician strongly advised me to do less exacting work, and especially to stop trying cases.
  • She speedily made it plain that she was only thus exacting because she had come on a matter of business.
  • But though her appearance was passive enough for the most exacting lover her will had never been in more vigorous revolt.
  • Their duties are not as exacting as the duties and labors of men in corresponding stations in private life.
  • But M. Auguste, in his exacting dependence on Louise, left the French novel far behind.
  • It is a book for lovers, and he must be exacting who cannot find his mistress somewhere between the covers.
  • Here politics is an exciting and exacting game, in which only the true representative of all the people can survive.
  • There was one freedom open to all young girls who were not too exacting in their demands: the freedom of marriage.
  • Thus the inner adjustment to the work ought to be kept up and ought not to be substituted by a new adjustment to a less exacting life.
  • But now there was a little button of it only, as if she had prepared for exacting service where one displaced lock might undo her.
  • On any subject whatever, provided they did not try to teach anything and came up to her rather exacting standards of style.
  • It transpired all too early in the proceedings, however, that the processes of the law are exceedingly exacting and provokingly tedious.
  • Yet it had been a good deal of a strain, that anguish of a creature he was not allowed to help; it was exacting a heavy penalty.
  • Mrs. Anderson had suddenly fallen from her position of an exacting tyrant to that of an exacting and helpless infant.
  • Mr. Dearborn and his wife were not exacting in their demands, although they found plenty for him to do.
  • He was exacting and overbearing with them, and some on board, who had served with him on his previous voyage, had many tales to his disadvantage.
  • As they skimmed across the lake, his mind dwelt only on vengeance, and fifty different ways of exacting it passed and repassed before him.
  • If anything, he grew more active and exacting as the askaris wearied, and by the time the two hours were up they were ready to a man to drop.
  • Lucien, making his first appearance before the most exacting public in the Charente, seemed to be nervous.
  • Her love, if, in some of its phases, it was a jealous and exacting passion, in others was a noble and generous principle.

Short Example Sentence for Exacting

  • But readers are more exacting now.
  • My mother too exacting is.
  • It is an exacting time for the conscientious proprietor.
  • He is, therefore, very exacting with regard to them.
  • I am far more exacting than I was.
  • So shall we satisfy the exacting Prude.
  • The Captain had lost no time in exacting his waltz.
  • Mr. Sumner advocated a more exacting policy.
  • You see, I am not an exacting jailer.
  • There was more than the most exacting would have dared expect.
  • It never occurred to her that she could have put off this exacting job.
  • She is overbearing and exacting in the most trivial matters of outward homage.
  • And even his exacting criticism could find no shadow of defect.
  • Her delight in the cake was fully enough to satisfy the most exacting mind.
  • But he was not a jealous or exacting man, and he said nothing.

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