Exalted in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exalted

1. But there were more exalted entertainments. 🔊

2. The wide-spread fields of wheat, of corn, exalted us. 🔊

3. I was exalted by it; I felt larger than men. 🔊

4. She was merely absorbed in her own exalted theories and she was not maternal. 🔊

5. He left the hotel quite as exalted as he had been previously depressed. 🔊

6. Her exalted mood seemed to make it safe to handle the question. 🔊

7. They speak of him constantly as a seer, a man of exalted intellect. 🔊

8. But this exalted scheme of high thinking and plain living soon became irksome. 🔊

9. That God hereby is exalted and glorified in the work of redemption. 🔊

10. We have exalted Man far above the man who is in each one of us. 🔊

11. I knew by the exalted look upon his face that I had played and lost. 🔊

12. Anna, with an exalted look, kissed the Prince on the forehead. 🔊

How to use Exalted in Sentences?

1. The danger of mistaking distorted for exalted views of the divine sovereignty. 🔊

2. In this way he is a saviour not too exalted for the pious heart to love and follow. 🔊

3. His office is run on dignified lines in keeping with the exalted sphere in which he practises. 🔊

4. All the world, on and off the stage, was exalted and transfigured as she saw it. 🔊

5. She seemed too exquisite for earthly use; too delicate and exalted for human attainment. 🔊

6. They account for it by a view of the nature of Jehovah far exalted above that of their people. 🔊

7. For even in the Sahara the women do not care that one of them should be exalted above the rest. 🔊

8. What must it be that could make a man so proud and so exalted kneel down before Beldi? 🔊

9. I thought you had a more exalted opinion of women; I thought you kept them on a higher plane. 🔊

10. This is that which hath been destined for thee in Our kingdom above and Our exalted dominion. 🔊