Excalibur in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Excalibur

1. And then Sir Bedivere hid Excalibur under a tree. 🔊

2. The king drew his sword Excalibur and blew a loud note on his bugle. 🔊

3. But Accolon was so bold because of Excalibur that he waxed passing hardy. 🔊

How to use Excalibur in Sentences?

1. There she found Arthur asleep in his bed, and Excalibur in his right hand naked. 🔊

2. So when Accolon gave another blow, the sword Excalibur fell out of his hand to the earth. 🔊

3. How Arthur by the mean of Merlin gat Excalibur his sword of the Lady of the Lake. 🔊

4. But Arthur did not believe him, and asked him what he had seen when Excalibur sank beneath the waves. 🔊

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