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Definition of Excepting

with the exception of | present participle of except

How To Use Excepting In A Sentence?

  • All the windows had the shutters closed and no light was seen from them excepting one.
  • Beside these we know of no revealed law, excepting those of which we have spoken.
  • His personal and private character was decidedly amiable, excepting in one particular.
  • This position is simple enough, but it is true also in any latitude, excepting near the equator.
  • The shooting is free excepting over certain tracts of country leased by the Tiflis shooting-club.
  • He, too, had an angel's voice, stilled for ever excepting in his father's memory.
  • But I had it to myself most of the time, excepting at night, when we shared the big double bed.
  • No woman, excepting Mrs. Wilson, had been mentioned in connection with the case.
  • They none of them knew how the tree could come there in one night, excepting little Two Eyes.
  • When I reached Lille, I found life there much as usual, excepting that all appeared very quiet.
  • Here dwelt the most important man in the principality, not excepting the devoted prime minister himself.
  • But is it a self-evident truth, that there can be no substance in nature excepting such as is self-existent and eternal?
  • They are both practically closed during the winter, excepting by arrangement or when sleighing parties make a rendezvous there.
  • It is not advisable for him to have two standards of speech, and to use an inferior one excepting for special occasions.
  • Vegetables were not so much eaten as now, always excepting potatoes, which were consumed in large quantities.
  • Marietta was shy to a fault, and it was a long time before he could get anything excepting monosyllables from her in conversation.
  • Webster had told her all that had happened, and she understood everything, excepting the steeple-chase performance.
  • At no place was he more welcome than at the rectory, nor was there any house in which he felt so happy, not even excepting his own home.
  • Nowhere did the water seem to reach from bank to bank, excepting where some obstruction in the stream bed dammed the current back.
  • It is doubtful if any other social institution in rural communities, not excepting the church, so completely interests the entire family.
  • The same thing was going on, with a certain intensification, at my next visit, excepting only that the initials were different.
  • The man lay as still and impassive as a corpse excepting for the slow, shallow and rather irregular breathing with its ominous accompanying rattle.
  • Their animals are nearly the same as ours, excepting sheep, oxen, and asses: their horses are very slight and small.
  • We observed little change in the river in that distance, excepting that it had taken up a muddy bottom, and lost all the sand that used to fill it.
  • But there is almost always a fresh breeze; and excepting from nine to twelve, when the wind generally drops, it is never too hot for walking.
  • All was still, excepting the echo of the miner's hammer, and the monotonous sound of his horse's step along the rocky path.
  • It is granted to none to wear white habits, or to have white mantles, excepting the above-named knights of Christ.
  • So Charley had the additional task of teaching the dog to be silent, excepting for a very low growl, upon the approach of other creatures.
  • That the next important step must be the exposure of the reactionary influence of the United States in excepting these matters from arbitration.
  • Foliage, excepting in the deep woods, was changing fast, the hues largely copper and russet; hard body-tints, yet beautiful.
  • On the eve of the Holy Innocents he performed the entire office, excepting the mass, as a real bishop would have done.
  • Most of the shops are closed, excepting those at which eatables and sweet drinks are sold; but the streets are filled with people in their holiday-clothes.
  • From the twenty-third day she took walks daily, excepting on October 31 and November 3, when rain prevented.
  • The view over the plain of the Djelish is one of the most splendid I ever beheld, not excepting that from the Alhambra itself.
  • The irregular street was quiet, excepting for here and there a group of naked children playing, or a squaw passing with a load of firewood on her back.
  • As for your confessions, they are worthless; I already know all that you can tell me excepting one thing, where and how is Gorakh to be found?
  • He may give away or sell his slaves, excepting in some cases which will be mentioned; and may marry them to whom he will, but not separate them when married.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Excepting | Excepting Sentence

  • I know nothing of his habits excepting that he used to sit up rather late.
  • The soil upon it was good, excepting in isolated spots, where it was sandy.
  • No; all was still as death, excepting a solemn song, or rather hymn.

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