Excessive in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Excessive

1. This is due to excessive consumption of tea. 🔊

2. His men were dispirited, unnerved by excessive carousing. 🔊

3. Using excessive quantities of deteriorated sodium bisulphite. 🔊

4. They came in the morning after a night of excessive heat and humidity. 🔊

5. I dare say it was caused by excessive reading of improbable romances. 🔊

6. It savours of excessive subjectivity, of struggle, of duty and conscience. 🔊

How to use Excessive in Sentences?

1. Here excessive misery was for a moment hardening the hearts it should have softened. 🔊

2. The girl began to smooth her white skirts with excessive precision across her knees. 🔊

3. Some dampness is essential to make the fibres cling, but excessive moisture is a disadvantage. 🔊

4. What suits the latex from old trees may be excessive probably for the latex of younger trees. 🔊

5. Indeed, an excessive amount of money is, and has ever since then been, spent on liquor in Ireland. 🔊

6. The presence of water vapor in the air is necessary to prevent excessive evaporation from both plants and animals. 🔊

7. Efforts have since been made to put a stop to this excessive contracting, and no officer is now allowed to own more than six of the horses. 🔊

8. I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them. 🔊

9. To obtain such results in a house of excessive height would be difficult, if not impossible, under normal conditions. 🔊

10. They represent the tower itself as octagonal, make it of excessive breadth, and give it three windows in each face. 🔊

11. As demons of excessive heat principally existed in the south, so in the north the great enemy of man was excessive cold. 🔊

12. He was occasionally convulsed with excessive pain; for the nerves of the thigh had been much lacerated, and the bone terribly shattered. 🔊

13. It used to be quite common to see heaps of bark-shavings accumulating on the floor of a factory, and generating excessive heat. 🔊

14. On the high benches it was not so bad for the springy, porous turf soaked up the excessive moisture and held its firmness tolerably well. 🔊

15. He writes as if he had heard nothing of the sect at Rome, and describes their worship as an excessive superstition. 🔊

16. The whole court, and the empress herself, thought him innocent, and considered the anger of the czar as excessive and unjust. 🔊

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