Excited in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Excited

1. He was too excited and uneasy. 🔊

2. Siosteen nods an excited assent. 🔊

3. She became more and more excited and distressed. 🔊

4. My discourse both touched and excited him. 🔊

5. Cinderella was so excited that she could scarcely speak. 🔊

6. He was restless and excited and could not sleep. 🔊

7. Pep gave utterance to an excited whistle. 🔊

8. And he feels excited by the danger, too. 🔊

9. These trial-days I was excited from my usual calmness. 🔊

10. Mrs. Brown immediately became excited and anxious to hear. 🔊

11. He was too excited at the near fruition that awaited his hopes. 🔊

12. Even the brass buttons of the infidels excited their cupidity. 🔊

13. He looked at my excited face with those red-brown eyes of his. 🔊

14. Some alarm was excited on the first occasion that it turned bell-ringer. 🔊

15. All wet and shaken and excited and out of breath, he does get on board. 🔊

16. To the excited vision of the enthusiastic Pep the result was a burst of glory. 🔊

17. This was too much for the people of New Leeds in their excited condition. 🔊

18. Randy looked eager and Pep excited as Frank came out on the sidewalk. 🔊

19. Little by little he excited Mrs. Wentworth's jealousy. 🔊

How to use Excited in Sentences?

1. A litter of loose pages at the bottom of the box excited my curiosity but faintly. 🔊

2. Dan was so excited that he took three chews of tobacco, one right after the other. 🔊

3. He told his story, which, of course, excited both the sympathy and indignation of his hearers. 🔊

4. She put aside the plaudits of the Generals; she hushed the excited shouting of the soldiers. 🔊

5. At all events, I was more eager than anxious for the morrow, and only restless from excited hope. 🔊