Excitement in a sentence

Definition of Excitement

(uncountable) the state of being excited (emotionally aroused). | (countable) something that excites.

Short Example Sentence for Excitement

  • 1. All was now excitement on board.
  • 2. There was the same excitement before we learnt our fate.
  • 3. There was much excitement in the place.
  • 4. Wallie shook with excitement at the prospect of a visitor.
  • 5. The excitement of the children could no longer be curbed.
  • 6. His excitement communicated itself to Gray.
  • 7. Seeing the excitement in the rear, Duncan came riding back.
  • 8. There's excitement for you worth talking about.
  • 9. An excitement quite fierce in its feebleness possessed them.
  • 10. She found herself too full of a happy excitement to seek her own slumbers.
  • 11. Gray's story caused great excitement next morning.
  • 12. The rooms were hot, and the ladies tired after the excitement of the day.
  • 13. There was great excitement in the small house, but the boys said nothing.
  • 14. He had grown cooler and cooler as Gray's excitement rose.
  • 15. Nobody in the streets--all the excitement over.

How to use Excitement in a Sentence?

  • 1. The little fellow was wild with excitement and pleasure at the prospect before him.
  • 2. Evidently the amateur chauffeur had in his excitement made a turn at the wrong moment.
  • 3. She rose and walked up and down the room in an excitement like that of an angry lioness.
  • 4. The juxtaposition of fierce excitement and deadly boredom is a strange feature of warfare.
  • 5. We gave brief addresses attuned to this excitement and the late hour, amidst much enthusiasm.
  • 6. He was as flushed as Willie, the excitement keeping up the effect of the festive dinner.
  • 7. He was white, and silent, and resolute, and very gentle; all excitement of manner gone.
  • 8. There was a buzz of excitement in New Leeds and anger among the mining population.
  • 9. He wondered if it were still the same excitement that sent the alternate flush and pallor up her cheek.
  • 10. In the retrospect the danger that we had escaped seemed even more terrifying than in the hurry and excitement of the fire itself.
  • 11. Miranda's arrival had created quite an excitement among the inmates of the poor-house.
  • 12. Randy hung around, wrought up with excitement over their wonderful find and anxious to talk about it.
  • 13. There was no excitement in such things now, she had had too much experience; but there was an unending interest.
  • 14. Everything was new to them and there was certainly enough variety, excitement and commotion to satisfy any lively lad.
  • 15. As for his killing you in cold blood, that thought comes from your excitement of the moment and your chagrin at your overthrow.
  • 16. Joining the little animal, he saw that his excitement was caused by a golden carp which came swimming swiftly toward them.
  • 17. I have not known the excitement of "first nights," nor the striving and the craving for an artistic ideal.
  • 18. An eye-witness who sat with Brant at one of these games has told of the excitement which the match aroused.
  • 19. Grace heard the distant firing, saw the surging mob in the streets, but in the midst of the excitement her father came.
  • 20. It was only the stress and excitement of the shipwreck last week that he ventured to steal the chart which I had so carefully prepared for him.
  • 21. He quickly quieted the dog and the cause of his excitement was now apparent, for six men came riding past, all armed to the teeth.
  • 22. Then the thrill of those few minutes' excitement unrolled itself into a great drama before Lessingham's eyes.
  • 23. A second day, full of excitement and rough riding, followed, and then the gang took pity on the poor tenderfoot and left him to think it over.
  • 24. If there was dissatisfaction inside the coach it was nothing at all compared to the excitement on the box as the horses galloped down the railroad track.
  • 25. Then, after the roar of its breaking had died away, they saw the rope suddenly tighten, and pass rapidly out, and the excitement began to thicken.