Excruciating in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Excruciating

1. Then came excruciating pain! 🔊

2. I suffered that night under the most excruciating pain. 🔊

3. The dear fellow suffers the most excruciating pain. 🔊

4. The most excruciating bore I know is excessive politeness. 🔊

5. The hours dragged by with an excruciating monotony and tediousness. 🔊

6. These were now forced to endure the most excruciating torments and tortures. 🔊

7. Lynda meant to comfort, but she was causing excruciating pain. 🔊

8. Alone in the public rooms of the hotel, he suffered excruciating torments. 🔊

9. The black sweated, too, but his was the sweat of excruciating pain. 🔊

10. It was the most horrible and excruciating shriek I had ever heard in my life. 🔊

11. Notwithstanding, I cannot put foot to ground without excruciating pain. 🔊

12. Time itself, let alone Eternity, is all but excruciating to Doubt. 🔊

How to use Excruciating in Sentences?

1. It is true that it is most excruciating and frightful in its effects upon the physical nature of its victim. 🔊

2. The noise in front of the field batteries was pandemonium, excruciating to the nerves. 🔊

3. Of course my tongue stuck to it, and an excruciating pain shot through that organ. 🔊

4. Caravan, the younger, became pale, and seemed to be enduring the most excruciating agony. 🔊

5. AEsculapius and Prometheus both suffered excruciating tortures and death for the good of men. 🔊

6. In the evening she was attacked by such an excruciating internal pain that she thought she must be dying. 🔊

7. He rolled about in excruciating agony, and as he did so the curtain of enchantment fell and the beauties and the palace disappeared. 🔊

8. But it seemed that the last dregs of her own cup were not yet drunk, for an excruciating problem faced her. 🔊