Exercise in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exercise

1. But all this has not been merely to exercise our ingenuity. 🔊

2. In all weathers exercise in the open air. 🔊

3. In the high exercise of office I seized his schooner. 🔊

4. The theme of antiseptics ceased to exercise its charm over him. 🔊

5. The diet and rough exercise secure a certain amount of old Norse power. 🔊

How to use Exercise in Sentences?

1. They had to exercise themselves or else the arthritic pains would never leave them. 🔊

2. I have had to exercise a little duplicity, but I fancy that it has been successful. 🔊

3. It does not put forth a volition, or an exercise of power; it merely suffers a change of place. 🔊

4. Richard Darcy was free to exercise to the full his gift for being agreeable, without afterthought. 🔊

5. Ben Attash, the director of the missions of Irak, had given permission to exercise this office. 🔊

6. Why did he not exercise more precaution when investigating anything so suspicious as a concealed fire? 🔊

7. It seemed to be in the nature of a vacation for them with just enough exercise to keep them in condition. 🔊

8. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. 🔊

9. Again the question is forced upon her, where can she find a fitting field for the exercise of her powers? 🔊

10. My long fasting and the mountain air and exercise had given me a keen appetite, and never did repast appear to me more excellent or picturesque. 🔊

11. How, then, is it possible for such an exercise of the divine power to be for the good of all the parts, and yet not for the good of the whole? 🔊

12. Westphalia, then, was the birth-place of this institution, and over Westphalia alone did it exercise authority. 🔊

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