Exhale in a sentence

Definition of Exhale

(intransitive) To expel air from the lungs through the nose or mouth by action of the diaphragm, to breathe out. | (transitive) To expel (something, such as tobacco smoke) from the lungs by action of the diaphragm. | (intransitive) To pass off in the form of vapour; to emerge.

Short Example Sentence for Exhale

  • 1. Their very failures exhale a charm of peculiar potency.
  • 2. Terre, exhale ton souffle!
  • 3. A good exercise is to exhale on the sound 'sh'.
  • 4. At this moment he seemed to exhale an air of faint suspicion.
  • 5. I am soon to exhale from my flesh, like the spirit of a broken flower.
  • 6. The whole night seemed to exhale heavy, half-intoxicating odours!

How to use Exhale in a Sentence?

  • 1. These ladies seemed to exhale an atmosphere of uncompromising and aggressive virtue.
  • 2. In the winter night she seemed to him to exhale the roving sweetness of spring.
  • 3. So may my fervent heart exhale to Thee Daily, the breathings of its thankful prayer.
  • 4. However, there are authors who seem to be too busy with their profession to foregather and exhale atmosphere.
  • 5. This air is a lovely admixture of the scents of springtime, which exhale from flowers bathed in evening dew.
  • 6. To inspire quickly and exhale the breath slowly is not an acquired ability; it is the action of ordinary speech.
  • 7. They retain the hydrogen and the carbon, exhale the superfluous oxygen, and absorb little or no nitrogen.
  • 8. Again let them slowly inhale, hold, and exhale quickly, allowing the sides of the chest to collapse.
  • 9. Huge coleas accentuate the spring verdure with heavy masses of bronze and crimson, and magnolias exhale intoxicating odours from snowy chalices.
  • 10. The air that we exhale mixes with the air outside, and is rendered pure again by an automatic process that is always going on in Nature.
  • 11. But, when the light is withdrawn, this process is reversed, and all vegetables exhale carbonic acid, and inspire the oxygen of the air.
  • 12. As I thus communed with my own heart, I unbound my hair, that the air might exhale the mist which had gathered in its folds.
  • 13. Well, she could only exhale the folly of his error with an unction that represented, whatever he might think of it, all her competence to answer for their host.
  • 14. Perfumes have more than one resemblance to love, and there are even people who think love to be but a sort of perfume; it is true the flowers which exhale it are the most beautiful in creation.
  • 15. La fraternité, qui s'était fort relâchée en France dans ces dernières années, fleurit de nouveau et exhale d'exquis parfums.
  • 16. Sweetmeats should be boiled rather quickly, that the watery particles may exhale at once, without being subjected to so long a process as to spoil the colour and diminish the flavour of the fruit.