Exhibitions in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exhibitions

1. All public exhibitions have their peculiar physiognomies. 🔊

2. The exhibitions at the Yard were not resumed. 🔊

3. Having seen exhibitions of power, he can say, omnipotent. 🔊

4. The author witnessed one of these exhibitions at Guines. 🔊

5. My trance-sittings are wonderful exhibitions of poetical power. 🔊

6. They have a shed, in which art exhibitions are held periodically. 🔊

7. As a rule, they do not affect expositions, or exhibitions of any kind. 🔊

8. Many of its theatrical exhibitions cost more than the Peloponnesian War. 🔊

How to use Exhibitions in Sentences?

1. No age appeared to be too young for these remarkable exhibitions of religious feeling. 🔊

2. Such phenomenal exhibitions of strength are always caused by great mental exaltation. 🔊

3. Listen: I was present at both the exhibitions in the Yard and I have discovered. . 🔊

4. But the amusement with which the multitude was never satiated was found in the exhibitions of the circus. 🔊

5. Perhaps the death of no musician ever called forth such universal exhibitions of sorrow and reverence. 🔊

6. Lines written for Mr. Ricketts, on the Exhibitions at his Equestrian Circus. 🔊

7. Only the devotee of the obvious is satisfied with that sort of result; and our exhibitions reek with them. 🔊

8. The editor adduces several recent instances which he considers exhibitions of the increasing tyranny of all the people. 🔊

9. The rage to see these exhibitions is so great, that sometimes one cannot pass through the streets where they are. 🔊

10. When the mother became conscious of the presence of her darling boy, she essayed to give exhibitions of her feelings. 🔊

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