Exits in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exits

1. Alas for the exits and entrances of life! 🔊

2. They blocked the main staircase and the exits from the engine room below. 🔊

3. There was little fear of being run to earth with hidden exits everywhere. 🔊

4. Without doubt Karlov had cellar exits through this warehouse or the other. 🔊

5. GUARD (crosses and exits L. I. Calling). 🔊

How to use Exits in Sentences?

1. Womenfolk were giving him a good deal of trouble with their exits and their entrances. 🔊

2. The other regiments were in the same way guarding the different exits to the town. 🔊

3. This gallery runs along to more exits and a veritable rabbit warren of living compartments. 🔊

4. It heaped softly about the very furniture against his feet, blocking the exits of door and window. 🔊

5. The car was jammed, and in the confusion of getting off they made their exits by different doors. 🔊

6. Jehan and the governor made their exits through opposite doors; and Monsieur le Marquis sat alone. 🔊

7. Two policemen in uniform were guarding the exits two policemen who had tried to seize him as he appeared. 🔊

8. He appeared to be quite indifferent to her exits from, and interested only by her entries on to, the stage of life. 🔊

9. The representation may be extended in that the windows, entrances and exits of the room take on the meaning of the body openings. 🔊

10. He exits into the bedroom and immediately enters again with overcoat on his arm and hat in hand; he goes centre, and turns. 🔊

11. The audience rustled, stood up, sought its wraps, and pressed toward the exits and the grand staircase. 🔊

12. Behind the counter were the shelves of shimmering goods, biscuits and candles in open cases on the floor, and as many exits as a scene in a farce. 🔊

13. Scythian constables were stretching cords dusted with red chalk across all exits from the Agora, save that to the south. 🔊

14. Mr. Smith then added his proof that Shakespeare was right when he said in this world we have our exits and our entrances. 🔊

15. In order to escape the minions of the law I must first leave my prison; and here is at least one of the exits blocked. 🔊

16. The doors led into the dressing rooms, and through them, as through the curtain if the front stage only were in use, the exits and entrances were made. 🔊

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