Expenses in a sentence

Definition of Expenses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of expense | plural of expense

How to use Expenses in a Sentence?

  • At last his master began to find that his expenses were getting greatly in advance of his income.
  • It is, that the presumption is always unfavourable to collective expenses by way of tax.
  • We paid nothing for expenses elsewhere, and we did not receive anything from outside sources.
  • I must pay damages and expenses of litigation, or my cattle get killed almost every day.
  • He was to advise his Majesty of the expenses necessary for it, and for its necessary maintenance.
  • These arrangements cost the United States about a million of dollars, all expenses included.
  • Twenty million pounds were to be appropriated from the national treasury to pay the expenses of the abolition process.
  • England's war finance is not wholly measured in her expenses or loans to other countries.
  • In any case clerical expenses and the costs of certain items incident to the instruction would be required.
  • For their expenses and that of their chaplains ten thousand eight hundred pesos are set aside annually.
  • All that was asked in return was a loan for ten years without interest to cover the expenses of transportation.
  • Jolly had got the idea in his head of cutting down living expenses and utilizing the old kitchen tacked on to the store building.
  • In many cases expenses had been incurred, that in the hands of the corporation would not have been chargeable to a construction account.
  • As the public expenses displace labour without increasing it, a second serious presumption presents itself against them.
  • You need feel under no obligation, for the money you have paid me is amply sufficient to pay for the expenses of what she eats for years.
  • Your salary to begin with will be ten pounds a week, and of course your expenses that you may incur in the course of your work.
  • Its annual expenses were paid from the royal revenues, so that its maintenance depended absolutely upon the good-will of the governor.
  • For the most part, however, the mission boards have not only met their expenses but in many cases receipts have been larger than ever before.
  • Every boy and girl who could meet the modest expenses was going, save the unfortunate victims of the junior class at the academy.
  • Whether the owner of the merchandise eventually loses or gains, Liverpool has to be paid the expenses of the passing through.
  • By spring we had cleared all expenses and had about $200.00 on hand, but the next problem was, what to do with the rest of the walnut seeds?
  • He makes two trips every year to Europe, and has all his expenses paid while he is travelling for the house.
  • If they were paid it is the exception in Massachusetts, unless local expenses may have been met where addresses were made.
  • He was sent for by friends in Hingham to talk with them; which he did two evenings; his expenses were paid and $23.
  • To further insure this trifling piece of self-aggrandizement she was defraying the whole of the expenses for the demolishment of the aged landmark of the valley.
  • The war expenses of Great Britain must thus be above one million pounds per day and steadily increasing.
  • The union paid his funeral expenses of $186.75, and she also, as his widow, received his death benefit of $244.33.
  • Give him the free use of his limbs, and with matchless dexterity he would make the contributions of the morning furnish out the riotous expenses of the evening.
  • She was paying an extravagantly high bounty, and it presently began to look as if by this addition to our expenses we were now probably living beyond our income.

Short Example Sentence for Expenses

  • His expenses would have to be cut down to the bone.
  • This will pay the expenses of my holiday, including you.
  • The expenses of a family are quite different now from what they have been.
  • Already there was talk of cutting down expenses and selling off.
  • There may also be expenses connected with the service itself.
  • Another item in the expenses of a wedding is the cost of photographs.
  • The party in the town met its moderate expenses by voluntary contributions.
  • Their expenses would be very large, and they proposed to be repaid.
  • You will no doubt come off with a handsome fee, and all expenses paid.
  • They had paid his expenses while he trailed Overland and Collie.
  • When I spoke in Ohio my expenses were paid on all occasions but one.

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