Expenses in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Expenses

1. His expenses would have to be cut down to the bone. 🔊

2. Already there was talk of cutting down expenses and selling off. 🔊

3. Another item in the expenses of a wedding is the cost of photographs. 🔊

4. There may also be expenses connected with the service itself. 🔊

5. Their expenses would be very large, and they proposed to be repaid. 🔊

6. The party in the town met its moderate expenses by voluntary contributions. 🔊

7. When I spoke in Ohio my expenses were paid on all occasions but one. 🔊

How to use Expenses in Sentences?

1. At last his master began to find that his expenses were getting greatly in advance of his income. 🔊

2. It is, that the presumption is always unfavourable to collective expenses by way of tax. 🔊

3. We paid nothing for expenses elsewhere, and we did not receive anything from outside sources. 🔊

4. He was to advise his Majesty of the expenses necessary for it, and for its necessary maintenance. 🔊

5. England's war finance is not wholly measured in her expenses or loans to other countries. 🔊

6. For their expenses and that of their chaplains ten thousand eight hundred pesos are set aside annually. 🔊

7. All that was asked in return was a loan for ten years without interest to cover the expenses of transportation. 🔊

8. In any case clerical expenses and the costs of certain items incident to the instruction would be required. 🔊

9. In many cases expenses had been incurred, that in the hands of the corporation would not have been chargeable to a construction account. 🔊

10. As the public expenses displace labour without increasing it, a second serious presumption presents itself against them. 🔊

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