Experience in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Experience

1. You know, I suppose, of my little experience last night. 🔊

2. But we have many friends who had the experience of apparitions. 🔊

3. How cruel this experience had been she took immediate care to explain. 🔊

4. In this new experience you may find temptations in wine and women. 🔊

5. Guard was young and, moreover, this was his first experience with wolves. 🔊

6. In my own experience I have found this to be the one infallible test. 🔊

7. Now I know by experience what life in a boarding-house means. 🔊

8. But I advise you, Rather experience what a friend I am, Than what an enemy. 🔊

9. He has had several years' experience and is thoroughly competent. 🔊

How to use Experience in Sentences?

1. But my experience here has taught me that any such sacrifice is not required of me. 🔊

2. But experience taught him that he could not transform and mould his own character at pleasure. 🔊

3. I at once declined the offer, having had sufficiently painful experience on these matters. 🔊

4. They have had a priceless experience of sea warfare under almost every conceivable condition. 🔊

5. Joan often wondered in what school of experience her step-mother had gleaned her curious wisdom. 🔊

6. What a vast practical experience of inquests he might have reaped had he remained in Europe! 🔊

7. After all it merely reproduces for the air what centuries of experience have shewn to be essential for fleets and armies. 🔊

8. He supposed that it was his experience in dry-farming which had made him pessimistic concerning all untried ventures. 🔊

9. It may be that he had learned by experience the convenience to himself of having a hospital, as it were, in his pocket. 🔊

10. I have learnt by experience that one hundred men under favourable conditions are often more than a match for a thousand. 🔊

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