Experimentally in a sentence

Definition of Experimentally

in the manner of an experiment

How to use Experimentally in a Sentence?

  • It can be experimentally demonstrated that animals can make these for themselves.
  • These can only be isolated satisfactorily from the bodies of experimentally inoculated animals.
  • African sportsmen found this out experimentally long before the idea occurred to artillerists.
  • But is not this condition of mine, voluntarily and experimentally incurred, a type of my life?
  • Ask yourself whether you are experimentally acquainted with Christ, and united to Him in heart.
  • The office of the Holy Spirit I had not experimentally understood before that time.
  • Carnes went over to the nearest window and moistened his finger tip and applied it experimentally to the glass.
  • The system was worked experimentally for some years, and is now an authorised and accomplished fact.
  • It has been in fair prominence, and has been tried experimentally on several estates and in public demonstration.
  • He even set up a kind of alchemist's laboratory to search experimentally for the panacea.
  • The greatest tyrants have ever been those who experimentally know that rigorous coercion is the only way of restraining popular fury.
  • Confirm these results by testing the organisms isolated against specific agglutinating sera obtained from experimentally inoculated animals.
  • He looked at the pencil, he looked at the sketch pad; he sniffed experimentally at the hat and then at the portfolio.
  • This employs their physical forces, and makes them experimentally know that human happiness and goodness are social and generous.
  • This theory is no longer disputed, and the present case is one among a number of instances in which its truth has been experimentally proved.
  • I had several times thrown them experimentally on the floor of my cabin, and found that a gratifying number lay point upwards.
  • Now, so far as these facts can be proved by experiment, they actually have long since been experimentally proved in the completest manner.
  • The thing has, at the moment of writing, only been experimentally tested in one of the London parks.
  • What strikes us about these experimentally induced dreams we may perhaps be able to comprehend still more clearly in another series of stimulated dreams.
  • They were written because of a deep dissatisfaction felt by a group of people working experimentally in a laboratory school, with the available literature for children.
  • As we can know nothing experimentally about such things, we are at liberty to make any assumptions we please, so long as they are consistent and serve some useful purpose.
  • Pitiful in particular her carrying her trouble experimentally back to the Newport of the first gladness of her girlhood and of the old bright spectacle.
  • Yet ordinary thermodynamics could not account for experimentally realizable states of equilibrium in the phenomena of viscosity and friction, since this science declares them to be impossible.
  • Wireless telegraphy had made a great advance; transmitting sets were in course of being fitted to all seaplanes, and the reception of messages in aeroplanes had been experimentally obtained.
  • It is there, for instance, that various types of shuttering and rammers are being experimentally tested side by side, and their relative efficiency under varying conditions ascertained.

Short Example Sentence for Experimentally

  • Do we know Pentecost experimentally for ourselves?
  • The Travelling of Sound experimentally proved.
  • The Atonement viewed Experimentally and Practically.
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit Viewed Experimentally and Practically.
  • He then had proofs experimentally of the Warden's caution and vigilance.

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