Experimentation in a sentence

Definition of Experimentation

The act of experimenting; practice by experiment. | (sciences) A set of actions and observations, performed to verify or falsify a hypothesis or to research a causal relationship between phenomena.

How to use Experimentation in a Sentence?

  • It were long to tell the story of the experimentation and discovery that now followed.
  • On this line of experimentation the work at once began, and with remarkable success.
  • Professor Dolbear also turned from telephone experimentation to the search for the wireless.
  • Adacam Research conducted industrial experimentation which included government work.
  • Despite obstacles a healthy experimentation in the various phases of fishing was now and then manifest.
  • The bodies of the seamen on the freighter were turned over to scientists for experimentation and research.
  • It was an essential part of her plan to prove that such experimentation was not necessary for a degree.
  • Delight in changing theory, in careful experimentation no longer sprang from his work and were a part of it.
  • The interest in cooking should grow into an interest in chemical experimentation and in the physiology and hygiene of bodily growth.
  • To this establishment diseased subjects were taken for treatment, and here experimentation was carried on over a wide range of facts.
  • A more careful study of the physical as well as the chemical properties of a soil must precede intelligent experimentation in rotation.
  • The phenomena of sound are so universal and experimentation in sound production so easy, that the governing laws were readily discovered.
  • He continued his experimentation until 1836, when he made and patented the first breech-loading needle-gun complete.
  • There is much experimentation yet to be done, as the question of the separate house with its separate plot of ground is by no means a settled one.
  • Old guinea-pig Cornell, celebrating his seventieth birthday as the medical experimentation went on and on.
  • In the experimentation referred to, Roentgen had covered the glass tube at the end with a shield of black cardboard.
  • By contrast, the synthetic biologists claim, much of current biotechnological experimentation operates the way a seventeenth- century artisan did.
  • Roger thought of the tiny food supply and of the months of experimentation that must go on before the Sun Plant would show efficiency.
  • In our own practical lives, in which experimentation plays such a part, we are often compelled to ask why this result and not that, why this thing behaves this way and that thing that way.
  • Of the many species occurring in the East, several appear preeminently suited to experimentation because of their particular value in the trade and rapid growth.

Short Example Sentence for Experimentation

  • Taste and careful experimentation not money secure the best results.
  • They urge, therefore, further experimentation with central heating.

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