Explained in a sentence

Definition of Explained

simple past tense and past participle of explain

How to use Explained in a Sentence?

  • He explained to her that the statues were the likeness of the rulers during that time.
  • And now, how to breathe in words the mystery that was never explained on earth!
  • Ray, in fact, frankly explained that a colored man had no chance in this country.
  • The young woman explained the matter with more fairness than Keith would have supposed.
  • I pleaded guilty to all the charges except the last, and explained the case as clearly as I could.
  • Aboo Nejm explained it to me in the fullest manner, so that I saw quite through the depths of it.
  • Joan, much embarrassed, explained the Convent impression of Mr. Desmond and his broken heart.
  • Even if it were a thousand times worse than it is, it could be arranged in categories and explained by philosophers.
  • He explained at some length the details of his plan, the obstacles we should encounter, and how to overcome them.
  • I have explained how the ideas of a trained aristocracy and a universal education grew to paramount importance in my political scheme.
  • A few years ago she would have explained bluntly that they could not afford one of the pretty green courts.
  • She explained her objection to servants and her preference for having "somebody in" to do the rough work.
  • He explained that he was expecting to come up with a friend along that road, and wanted to know how far he was ahead.
  • When these matters were over, the president explained a portion of the statutes, and exhorted all present to live suitably thereto.
  • She explained to friends afterward that the King's modesty positively unnerved her.
  • The use and advantages of the induction coil in so-called local-battery telephone sets have already been explained in previous chapters.
  • That, they explained in a sort of chorus, was the cardinal idea of their lives, what they were up to, what they stood for.
  • Lois had long since explained everything to her, and she made Keith a more than ample apology for her letter.
  • But even then, accepting that charitable interpretation, what explained the objectionable presence of Gershom?
  • The policy of Afdhal is perhaps best to be explained by a reference to the state of the East at that time.
  • This morning Keith had come across an article in a newspaper which, in a measure, explained his want of success.
  • Nobody could have been more obliging and interesting than Mr. Hicks as he guided her to the beaver dam and explained its construction.

Short Example Sentence for Explained

  • He explained the reason succinctly.
  • Patricia explained why the directress had not been told.
  • The definition explained by contrast.
  • He was halted, and explained who he was.
  • Sir, you must be aware that all is explained already.
  • I explained that one generally got a hint for a tale.
  • His gravity was explained to me by my friend Buckthorne.
  • As Ferdy shook his head, she explained further.
  • Keith explained that Mr. Rhodes was somewhere in Europe.
  • Vincent explained that he was due to return at once to the city.
  • The holes in the boat explained for themselves the cause of the disaster.
  • He explained to him precisely their plans and the extent of their capital.
  • Keith explained that he was an engineer and lived in Gumbolt.
  • Everything was explained and Brant became a greater hero than ever before.
  • Joan explained faintly that she wanted to go away somewhere, to live....
  • This, then, explained why Mr. Keith had suddenly stopped coming to the house.
  • And it seems he's told her about me," explained Archie.
  • So that we shall be ready by the time our own boys need us," explained Joan.

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