Exporting in a sentence

Definition of Exporting

present participle of export

How to use Exporting in a Sentence?

  • London, however, is an importing and exporting centre rather than a manufacturing centre.
  • He made millions at the rate of six hundred a day, exporting them to all parts of the globe.
  • The United States is now exporting far larger quantities than it has ever exported before.
  • If it were impossible to move any of them across the frontier, what possible chance was there of exporting me?
  • Now, however, a large proportion of the crop is sold to local store-keepers who transfer it to exporting firms in neighbouring cities.
  • According to documents which I have seen, he succeeded in exporting in this way some seven hundred million francs in two years.
  • The high prices of Northern produce in Southern markets held out great inducements to shippers to engage in exporting it.
  • Right through the Famine Ireland went on exporting grain and cattle to the value of seventeen million pounds a year so that rents might be paid.
  • The business of granting commercial credits, the exporting and importing of gold and the business of international trading in securities will be taken up separately in following chapters.
  • Bermuda suffered great want in consequence, for at this period, instead of exporting provisions the island had become dependent on the continent for the means of subsistence.
  • Most dealers in foreign exchange steer clear of exporting or importing gold whenever they can, the business being practically all done by half-a-dozen firms and banks.
  • It also deals extensively in strawberries, exporting to England many thousand boxes of the delicious fruit that grows so largely in the neighbourhood.

Short Example Sentence for Exporting

  • They breed horses in some places, exporting the colts and keeping the fillies.

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