Externally in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Externally

1. Stems and leaves externally and internally. 🔊

2. This new gate was externally completed in 1826. 🔊

3. Aperture above pointed, below narrowed, externally curved. 🔊

4. Naturall things, externally hurting Orchards. 🔊

5. As a rule a certain fairness is inherent in the externally masculine. 🔊

6. Agatha was the shyest of the three, and externally the least changed. 🔊

7. Marked externally with double lance points; internally with scrolls. 🔊

8. Diagonally across the Piazza Duomo is the externally unimposing Museum. 🔊

How to use Externally in Sentences?

1. Those who adhere only externally to these institutions are merely nominal members. 🔊

2. The decoction is prescribed internally as an emmenagogue and demulcent and externally as a lotion. 🔊

3. If any one lived through his punishment he was considered purified both externally and internally. 🔊

4. The bases of the valves externally are hidden by the long spines of the peduncle. 🔊

5. The juice is used externally as a rubefacient in rheumatic affections of the joints. 🔊

6. He spoke in an unsympathetic, official voice, but in a manner externally respectful. 🔊

7. Aperture above pointed, externally straight, below rounded, widened or effuse. 🔊

8. Carina with the upper part flat, spear-shaped, externally with a narrow central ridge. 🔊

9. Clerical habits alter; externally they go for a class, a profession, or degree. 🔊

10. The latter project more, and are externally more pointed, as in the genus Pollicipes. 🔊

11. The whole edifice is externally 3 yards high, 4 yards 29 inches long and 4 yards wide. 🔊

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