Ezra in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ezra

1. I was worn out with Ezra too. 🔊

2. As also that of Ezra above cited. 🔊

3. Ebn Ezra turned to go. 🔊

4. The book of Ezra is of no importance. 🔊

5. Bruder Ezra verneinte das aber. 🔊

6. Ebn Ezra fell back as though he had been struck. 🔊

7. Then Ezra would rise and go out alone. 🔊

8. He wanted Ezra to come home and visit him. 🔊

9. Then Ezra Cole was paid. 🔊

10. Ebn Ezra Bey and his men were coming. 🔊

11. And as he was walking and thinking Ezra Topham met him. 🔊

12. Brother Ezra and brother John would be good to her. 🔊

13. The seated figure represents Ezra writing the Law. 🔊

14. Ebn Ezra Bey turned a grave face upon the audience. 🔊

15. The most probable restoration of the order is Ezra 8; Neh. 🔊

16. You have not known her under Captain Ezra Selover. 🔊

17. I know from Ebn Ezra Bey what passed between you. 🔊

18. David said, turning to Ebn Ezra Bey. 🔊

19. I come from Ebn Ezra Bey, to whom be peace! 🔊

20. Then Ezra knew his friend had no longer any need to count time. 🔊

21. Fifty years later Ezra led back another party of the faithful. 🔊

22. That tells all that could be told of Ezra Stone for that year. 🔊

How to use Ezra in Sentences?

1. In the 21st verse of the 7th chapter of Ezra is the alphabet. 🔊

2. This date and many features of the story of Ezra and the return have of late been much questioned. 🔊