Fabulous in a sentence

Definition of Fabulous

Of or relating to fable, myth or legend. | Characteristic of fables; marvelous, extraordinary, incredible. | Fictional or not believable; made up.

How to use Fabulous in a Sentence?

  • He was certain now of its fabulous value and determined to have it at any price.
  • The character ascribed to the pelican is nearly as fabulous as that of the phoenix.
  • This he believes to be the only fabulous form which accurately describes all the transitions.
  • It was well known to the ancients and furnished the theme of many a fabulous story.
  • Yet even in this respect German aggrandizement kept pace with her fabulous economic development.
  • As for San Francisco, we all remember the fabulous prices which ruled in that vicinity.
  • The circumstances of his funeral are then recited, and the visionary and fabulous part of the poem disappears.
  • He did not know that the modern collector was purchasing for fabulous sums the old sermons of eminent divines.
  • The dragon is the name given by the ancients to a fabulous monster represented as a large winged lizard or serpent.
  • He had forgotten everything but the prospect of coming danger, the duel that was to be fought between him and this fabulous magnate.
  • If you say that was possible, you ought to show how it is so, and not amuse us with fabulous stories.
  • Clement could not but call to mind the fabulous fairy palace where spellbound mortals only see the light of day through transparent waters.
  • There are mahogany trees in these hills reported to be of almost fabulous dimensions, besides other trees of great age.
  • The embroideries and the carpets, some of which are worth fabulous sums, are between two and three centuries old.
  • There is another class of fabulous anecdote which plays an even larger part in the Satyrus tradition.
  • It was in the first days of the gold rush, when the city was in the making, and fabulous prices were paid for the commodities of life.
  • This fabulous marine creature in heraldry is compounded of the fore quarters of a horse with webbed paws, and the hinder part of a fish or dolphin.
  • A fabulous beast like the heraldic antelope, but having the tail of a horse, and long horns of a goat curved backwards.
  • If some of it is fabulous, even as fabulous it must have an interest for us, since so little of the traditions of our forefathers remains to us.
  • Admit that it may have been only the fabulous march in triumph of some forgotten king of mortal birth to the farthest limits of the East.
  • The soaring kites that were a mile away seemed suddenly close, passing in a moment from the size of gnats to birds with a fabulous stretch of wing.
  • And well he might, for he was not a mere painter, but one who had lectured on art to select audiences, and had sold pictures at fabulous prices.
  • Masks and arabesques, fruit and flowers, fabulous monsters and sacred emblems, encrust the grey balustrades and bas-reliefs of the noble stairways.
  • Glass cases round the room and on costly tables contain the fabulous treasures of the Shah and many of the Crown jewels.
  • At a perfectly fabulous price we bought the departed and undertook to give him what might be called a personal interment; but he was a disappointment.
  • The fabulous account is, that this spring took its rise in the churchyard from the place where St. Withburga was first buried.
  • By this fabulous beast described as a great red dragon, then, is symbolically represented the heathen Roman Empire.
  • The Nagas and Galongs are fabulous animals, which are often mentioned in the course of this Legend.
  • The 'Squire's offers were tempting, and, from byplay and bantering, at last amounted to what appeared a perfectly fabulous sum.

Short Example Sentence for Fabulous

  • The eyes shown on the fabulous screen?
  • There must be a fabulous lot of gold there!
  • In our trade we believe in all fabulous things.
  • Little holes in sand-hills sold for fabulous prices.
  • The fabulous Doctor Dandolo.
  • But its wealth in this respect was always fabulous rather than real.
  • They usually offer to pay for such, sometimes quite fabulous amounts.
  • China was a fabulous country, therefore he compared Virginia with it.
  • Rumors of Mr. Herriott's wealth swelled to fabulous proportions.

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