Facetious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Facetious

1. But he was in no mood to be facetious now. 🔊

2. Helen was pleased to be facetious on the point. 🔊

3. They began to laugh and to make facetious remarks. 🔊

4. The Facetious Cannibals. 🔊

5. The Facetious Cannibals 54. 🔊

6. Never were more grisly scenes or more captivating and facetious cannibals. 🔊

7. But these facetious remarks gradually became fewer as the wonder subsided. 🔊

8. By-and-by a more personal note crept into their facetious comments. 🔊

9. Charles, who was not of a facetious turn, did not shine at the wedding. 🔊

10. And the choir-boy, a facetious man with a big sign of the cross, said grace. 🔊

11. The late Bishop used to make a rather facetious remark about this tomb. 🔊

12. This in Uncle Tom's facetious manner. 🔊

13. Indeed, he found Mr. Trenchard a most pleasant and facetious gentleman. 🔊

How to use Facetious in Sentences?

1. Now what there is either facetious or satirical in this, we confess we cannot conceive. 🔊

2. Is there not a facetious allusion or two which might as well be reserved for posterity? 🔊

3. Quaintness, however, is an essential requisite in the placard of the facetious lecturer. 🔊

4. Irritated at his facetious tone and bantering manner, the girl plainly showed her resentment. 🔊

5. A group of some twenty men had collected, and they soon began to make facetious remarks. 🔊

6. Mr Craigie himself brought it into the schoolroom and delivered it with much facetious mystery. 🔊

7. Three facetious bagmen exercise their wit by puzzling the waiter with low French slang. 🔊

8. Thereupon Joseph struck a facetious note, and for half an hour made himself very agreeable. 🔊

9. Mr. Bolton was in no state, physically or mentally, for facetious conversation. 🔊