Fairness in a sentence

Definition of Fairness

The property of being fair or equitable. | The property of being fair or beautiful.

How to use Fairness in a Sentence?

  • I must in fairness add that when extra exertion meant extra money she did not shirk it.
  • A lack of kindness and fairness in nations causes wars, and wars put the world backward.
  • The young woman explained the matter with more fairness than Keith would have supposed.
  • Three of our passengers were of such girth that each ought in common fairness to have booked two seats for himself.
  • And this makes me more anxious that the subject should be examined with common fairness by learned persons.
  • To convince you of the entire fairness of the transaction, you are to be present at the manipulation that is to decide.
  • Can it be contended with the slightest shadow of right and fairness that these grievances afford a reason for intervention?
  • We must study the great advocates of that law with as great earnestness and fairness as its adversaries.
  • They have the good sense and fairness to recognize the fact that a man is a man wherever you find him.
  • Her resentment of that undermined all the fairness of her logic, and even triumphed over the sword of her suspense.
  • At present, no policy can be entered upon that does not bear the semblance of fairness and goodwill.
  • We think we find here one of the cases in which his training as an advocate has been of evil effect on his fairness of mind.
  • The appeal to humanity, to fairness and justice and right, has been apparently without effect.
  • We have fortunately a means of testing, with some fairness of estimate, the probable amount of this peril.
  • The fairness of the new system, as it works so far, has won over to it the working class and the poorer peasants.
  • It is easy to understand, for all of us who are frank with ourselves know the difficulty of complete fairness even in ordinary controversy.
  • If they cleared out in order to make room for his new church, in common fairness he should find them similar lodging on the same terms.
  • In the long run, however, nothing makes an argument appeal more to readers than an air of fairness and sincerity.
  • But better judgments ruled, and finally Jefferson was awarded the place which he had in fairness won.
  • Thine ears and thine eyes must needs now be cleansed and sanctified, that thou mayest be able to judge with fairness and justice.
  • The Episcopalians are ready to say the same, and we ask whether in fairness we can refuse to one what we grant to the other?
  • Yet all his devotion was drawn to Meryl in her fairness and quiet strength, and the hope of his heart was still to win her.
  • Ramon's nice, but he cannot rise above his race, and you know very well there's neither reason nor justice nor the instinct of fairness in it.
  • I am sorry to say that I fear acts of kindness and fairness will be largely forgotten by the majority of prisoners on both sides.
  • The fairness of youth had faded in her into a soft ivory, her hair was a yellow wisp tightly coiled, and her mouth drooped in a meagre discontent.
  • It was, besides, an act of fairness towards one who, trusting to his own false light, might have been lured to delusive hopes.
  • We have all unfortunately heard the charge, and in fairness to Mr. Lorimer we should hear him refute it.
  • It will be a just and irresistible presumption against the fairness of the interposing power, that he takes with him no party or description of men in the divided state.
  • And each day for many years I laboured to create the fairness of this face which I loved, but which never was mine!

Short Example Sentence for Fairness

  • And there was no fairness in his fighting.
  • But the affectation of fairness is the danger signal.
  • But in fairness and vileness who matcheth the bride?
  • She saw fairness in this view, I think.
  • As a rule a certain fairness is inherent in the externally masculine.
  • With his natural fairness he was honestly struggling to see her point of view.
  • A certain sense of fairness is often to be found where least expected.
  • Being attracted by the exceeding fairness of the men, he stopped.
  • Bestow justice upon the rulers, and fairness upon the divines.
  • He did not remember having noticed the rare fairness I had seen.
  • This singular fairness and its results strike the French with surprise.

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