Family in a sentence

Definition of Family

Suitable for children and adults. | Conservative, traditional. | (slang) Homosexual.

How to use Family in a Sentence?

  • The word had been passed and the family notified to assemble around the bed and see me off.
  • They not only tended an entire family for $25 a year, but furnished the medicines themselves.
  • In fact, he was proud of his old family chateau; for part of it was extremely old.
  • As his Family is one of the best regulated, so it may be said to be one of the most magnificent.
  • Naught can be worthier of your love than Thais: Our family are all much bounden to her.
  • His Lady is very well behaved, and does the Honours of her Family to Perfection.
  • Read the names of the animals belonging to the same family and tell in what way they resemble each other.
  • The family were dining on the first floor, and the remaining domestics were occupied in attendance.
  • People at home are often horror-struck at the speed with which the married officer has to leave his family when ordered on service.
  • The season was long and severe, and for the first time the family was really straightened in its comforts.
  • But your suggestion that you and your family found humor in it twenty-eight years ago moved me to look into the matter.
  • After marriage (forbidden between members of the same clan) both man and woman remain in their own family circle.
  • They have smashed everything in my rooms, emptied my stables, stolen or destroyed my family treasures.
  • Trunks were turned inside out, and all the finery and the frippery of the Popkins family scattered about the road.
  • Its Increase since the Accession of the Present Royal Family to the Crown, 439.
  • It matters not from what distant land our people may have come, we should all be bound together like one family by human love and kindness.
  • All the ladies bore down upon it at once, dug up the family history to its farthest known point, and divided the subject among them.
  • It began that way, and then one night she stole out of the house after her family had gone to bed, and they ran away and were married.
  • My father died in it in March of the year mentioned, but our family did not move out of it until some months afterward.
  • I'll make this offer: if he will show me his family I will give him twenty pounds.
  • He rang the bell, and the door was opened by an old coloured butler who had been one of the family servants of the Culpepers.
  • Then my eyes: they were large; in fact, the undue proportions they assumed when I looked ill or tired formed a family joke.

Short Example Sentence for Family

  • For all our family are odious to them.
  • My family was in despair.
  • Which members of your family work?
  • A girl of neither family nor fortune?
  • A family of eminent harpsichord-makers.
  • Receive my consort into thy family circle.
  • We will no longer deprive you of your family joys.
  • Her Family and Pension to the last, 264.
  • His Family the Favourites of St.
  • For a cheery family party it would be hard to beat that cooli corps.
  • I knew, then, that the family were gone, and that they had forgotten me.
  • I was then sojourning with my family at the Schweitzerhof, in Luzerne.
  • Because Upon my family at home depends My character abroad.
  • The family were surprised at the absence of the prince's confessor.
  • The law don't recognize any one as the head of a family until of legal age.
  • His family began really to fear that the poor man's wits were diseased.
  • When the peace of my family is at stake, I think 'tis time for me to speak.
  • How a man can keep a family and books together, I can't imagine.

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