Fantastic in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fantastic

1. A fantastic thought came to her. 🔊

2. He reached finally a fantastic settlement. 🔊

3. Bats, fantastic faces of, 38, 39. 🔊

4. Come, and trip it as you go, On the light, fantastic toe. 🔊

5. Lovely and fantastic poem with distinctly variant overtones. 🔊

6. They sped down almost to tree level at fantastic speed for a glider. 🔊

7. XLVI Of the Fantastic Snow. 🔊

8. This etext was produced from Fantastic Universe, January 1954. 🔊

9. And it had another side--a brighter, more fantastic side. 🔊

How to use Fantastic in Sentences?

1. And all this rational explanation of the fantastic made it only more mysterious and weird. 🔊

2. All at once he wheels his fantastic animal round and comes trotting after them. 🔊

3. He drew them up and out of the basket, and put them through their fantastic paces. 🔊

4. But, after all, perhaps it is not wise to intermix fantastic ideas with the reality of affection. 🔊

5. He stood irresolute, looking at the fantastic picture; then he stepped back into the hut. 🔊

6. It was his wish, to be buried there in his fantastic City, and no one said him nay. 🔊

7. In the sharp glance of his dark eyes at any of the more fantastic shadows cast by the searching moonlight. 🔊

8. I cannot praise too warmly the delightfully fantastic and inconsequent humour of the first half of the play. 🔊

9. He had arrived at desiring nothing better than her fantastic housekeeping and gipsy camping-out methods. 🔊

10. The yellow lamplight left hard faces almost repulsive under the fantastic shadows it so fitfully impressed upon them. 🔊

11. That coast, to begin with, stretching toward the sunset, was itself almost as fantastic as a sunset cloud. 🔊

12. I strolled slowly through the pastures, watching my long shadow making grave, fantastic gestures in the sun. 🔊