Fat in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fat

1. The fat girl stopped and laughed. 🔊

2. He was big and fat and had evidently come in a hurry. 🔊

3. The fat sometimes melts in yer mouth. 🔊

4. It was a little hand with short, fat fingers. 🔊

5. One by one six fat sleek mice passed through the trap door. 🔊

6. Pussy beat the small, fat hand upon his knee. 🔊

7. The fat girl tapped Jonah on the back. 🔊

8. His Parsonage a fat one, 202. 🔊

9. It was a fat old French edition, interleaved for notes. 🔊

10. She had been eleven when she had found a new world in the fat little books. 🔊

11. His whole body trembled, the layers of fat migrating all over. 🔊

12. More pictures showed fat people, conspiracies, death and misunderstandings. 🔊

How to use Fat in Sentences?

1. She had under her arm in a paper parcel the fat doll with the blond curls and the blue socks. 🔊

2. Fry slices of fat bacon or pork crisp, take them out and put the breaded ham into the hissing fat. 🔊

3. She was pale, with red lips, and the fat fair braids had given way to a shining knot. 🔊

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