Fatuous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fatuous

1. He was not fatuous or conceited. 🔊

2. What a fatuous reasoning. 🔊

3. Scattergood was the picture of the fatuous countryman. 🔊

4. Here it was again, this fatuous intolerance! 🔊

5. His face was becoming so ruddy and fatuous and babyish. 🔊

6. Blind, crass and most fatuous of wooers! 🔊

7. He forced himself into a mood of rather fatuous jocularity. 🔊

8. The too ignoble, unvaliant, fatuous man. 🔊

9. English Consul who penned such a fatuous message. 🔊

10. The mansion Had marked his fatuous expansion. 🔊

11. On each of the four faces was an expression of fatuous bliss. 🔊

12. Or would our broad fatuous grins be infectious when we were stuffed? 🔊

13. The young man, with a fatuous little laugh, brought out the case once more. 🔊

14. The English sang it in their music-halls with fatuous self-complacency. 🔊

15. It is fatuous to ignore this, and to make a fool's paradise of our democracy. 🔊

How to use Fatuous in Sentences?

1. The sentimentality of hatred is uglier and more fatuous than the sentimentality of brotherhood. 🔊

2. She was sweet and gentle but there was neither foolish softness or fatuous nonsense about her. 🔊

3. A fatuous caprice would often destroy the domestic peace and pleasure of a week. 🔊

4. For the purpose of external or foreign trade, a debasement of currency is fatuous and pernicious. 🔊

5. It might have been a Carlist committee meeting of a particularly fatuous character. 🔊

6. The Major bowed his head, loathing his fatuous blindness and burning with self-contempt. 🔊

7. Some of the persecutions were so fatuous that one could only suppose they must be due to a misunderstanding. 🔊