Fauna in a sentence

Definition of Fauna

(uncountable) Animals considered as a group; especially those of a particular country, region, time. [from late 18th c.] | (countable) A book, cataloguing the animals of a country.

How to use Fauna in a Sentence?

  • Left to herself, nature tends to establish a balance of flora or fauna in any locality.
  • We here speak of the fauna as a whole, disregarding particular genera and species.
  • He knew the flora and fauna of Concord as well as his friend the poet-naturalist.
  • Flora and fauna of some unknown island would be much more in the Schermerhorn line of traffic.
  • This was in marked contrast to the fauna and flora of the South American tropics.
  • Origin and affinities of the fresh-water fish fauna of western North America.
  • I am a hunter and a fisherman, and I know the flora and the fauna of the State.
  • A contribution to a knowledge of the herpetological fauna of El Peten, Guatemala.
  • The flora would not have been so abundant if the fauna had been sufficient for the supply of a large population.
  • He was a sportsman, and the land opening before him disclosed the most wonderful and redundant fauna the world has ever seen.
  • The fauna and the flora startled him alike, and among them his bruised spirit drew in and folded its wings.
  • An order when represented in the fauna of a continent is indicated in the following table by a plus, and when absent by a minus sign.
  • There is no trace of general cataclysms, of universal deluges, or sudden destructions of a whole fauna or flora.
  • This, however, is not the place to dwell upon the endless variety of trees and the fauna and flora of that extraordinary country.
  • The Borchers Fauna a new Pleistocene interglacial fauna from Meade County, Kansas.
  • A mythology reflects the geography, the fauna and flora, and the climatic conditions of the area in which it took definite and permanent shape.
  • From the glass-bottom boat we can see all the fauna of the ocean, and, without question, the most fascinating of them all is the octopus.
  • While the Mesozoic era was emphatically the age of reptiles, the coming of a more highly developed fauna was foreshadowed.
  • But I will do you the justice to believe that you all want to know something more about the fauna of India.
  • It has been fitted up by the State University as an experiment station for the study of underground fauna and flora.
  • Thus in the whole of the great Pal├Žozoic period, both in its fauna and flora, we have a continuity and similarity of a most marked character.
  • These scanty records are suggestive, and at least stimulate the hope that an extensive pre-Cambrian fauna will ultimately be discovered.
  • In this connection the fauna of North America presents perhaps even more interesting problems than does its flora.
  • Read all about the physical geography, geology, climate, inhabitants, fauna and flora, for all these will have a direct bearing on your work.
  • The human inhabitants of the Soudan would not, but for their vices and misfortunes, be disproportioned in numbers to the fauna or less happy.
  • In the demoniacal fauna of the Middle Ages the were-wolf plays too important a role to be passed over in silence.
  • The mammals of the West Indies are few in species, and have their nearest relationship with the fauna of the continent to the southward.

Short Example Sentence for Fauna

  • The fauna of the region were as striking as its flora.
  • The herpetological fauna of the Americas.
  • These the fauna of Egypt itself afforded.
  • Review of the Recent mammal fauna of California.
  • Turtles and the origin of the fauna of Latin America.
  • Caesar counts it among the fauna of the Hyrcinian Forest.
  • The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma.
  • The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma.
  • A Pliocene rodent fauna from Smiths Valley, Nevada.
  • Dogs, goats, and horses constituted the fauna of our neighborhood.
  • Herpetological fauna of Jackson and Union counties, Illinois.
  • The Pleistocene vertebrate fauna from Cumberland Cave, Maryland.
  • And all Pyrran flora and fauna I've seen have one thing in common.

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