Fears in a sentence

Definition of Fears

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fear | plural of fear

How to use Fears in a Sentence?

  • And this, too, after he had been laughing at her unreasonable fears only a short time before.
  • From what other American newspaper men had meantime reported, my fears seemed to be justified.
  • This was the way in which it happened that she mingled her fears in such a strange manner with their doctrines.
  • And strangely enough it resembled the state of mind of a man who fears disenchantment more than sortilege.
  • I saw them with my own eyes literally dragged into the fight against their will, fears and judgment.
  • I treated their fears as arrant nonsense, but told them to come and argue it out with me in my own room.
  • No fear beset her as to her reception, just as no fears had troubled her with regard to perils by the way.
  • Frank has stolen in while the captain has been sleeping, for he fears being seen going there by the honest sailor.
  • Very soon she acquired such skill and ease that we had no fears for her with regard to the journey she soon must take.
  • All the fears that had assailed him, all the remorse that had been growing up in him disappeared as mists disappear before the morning sun.
  • The girl must not grow up haunted by perpetual fears and prophecies, if it were possible to prevent it.
  • To Him both earth and heaven surrenders he, Fears Him, and loves Him, too, if that may be.
  • I have no fears of being forced in my own despite to play, as we say, the devil's attorney.
  • There was quiet again for a few moments as their injured guest drank, his thoughts and fears sculpted across his wide hirsute face.
  • Men say she fears vengeance for the stolen ammunition, because it was plenty for a conquest of India.
  • She had no fears for him, she trusted to his lame foot to detain him, and said to herself that if it was to be, he would be spared the sight.
  • Then turning to the envoy, "He who has such troops fears not the number of his enemies.
  • As light clouds athwart the sun, So cares and fears float darkling o'er my soul.
  • Now first I told him of my passion; of the doubts and fears that had distracted me, and of the tidings that had suddenly dispelled them.
  • Nor are we to wonder at their becoming objects of jealousy and aversion to both the clergy and the laity, and exciting the fears and the cupidity of an avaricious and faithless prince.
  • Life and death sang all about one, joys and fears on such a scale, in such an intricacy as never Greek nor Roman knew.
  • But, surely, we need have no weak fears on this ground; for although it may be too high for us, they do not pretend that it is too high for God.

Short Example Sentence for Fears

  • But what a world of fears possess me now!
  • And then she fears lest you desert her.
  • Could he be found, my fears were at an end.
  • The fears of the company increased as evening closed in.
  • As regards mental suggestion, my fears of it were gone.
  • As for my bet no fears I entertain.
  • Perhaps his fears were pardonable, and those of his wife more so.
  • Just are virtue's fears where envy domineers.
  • And with a bitter laugh at his own fears he went back and sat down.
  • I'd rather know than that my fears are false.
  • But once alone in the darkness the fears grew worse than ever.
  • So he grinned, and kept his distance, like an animal that fears a trap.
  • But it was not Archie's way to show these fears openly.
  • Tom Walker, however, was not a man to be troubled with any fears of the kind.
  • The gossips had confirmed the fears which Mrs. Daker had created.
  • I have never told her of my fears and I believe that I can make her happy.
  • As I ate my dinner with a good appetite, my mother's fears were quieted.
  • She touched Brook's hand and questioned him about her fears for Boy.

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