Fellowship in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fellowship

1. Received to its fellowship 570 members. 🔊

2. Thus a sort of good fellowship developed at once. 🔊

3. Sir Marhaus and his fellowship departed into Ireland. 🔊

4. His fellowship is with the Father, and with the Son. 🔊

5. Byrne felt himself so removed from fellowship with human beings. 🔊

6. Their lives have been knit together in the fellowship of suffering. 🔊

7. The dinner bell ended our little fellowship meeting by the firelight. 🔊

8. She did nothing; therefore we could have no fellowship of employment. 🔊

9. Under F: "First Ball of the Fellowship Lodge. 🔊

How to use Fellowship in Sentences?

1. Treasure the companionship of the righteous and eschew all fellowship with the ungodly. 🔊

2. Oh that they would learn from my fate to shun the fellowship of the unprincipled! 🔊

3. If any of these is forced into the fellowship of another, this is conquest and not compact. 🔊

4. He for the bottle of muddy ale, passed round in genial fellowship from mouth to mouth! 🔊

5. It is good for you then to be in blameless unity, that you may always have fellowship with God. 🔊

6. In the other apostles this process actually took place: they were refined by fellowship with Him. 🔊

7. For His purpose is to unite men together; bring them into the fellowship and unity of love. 🔊

8. The very name that their country bears lifts that young nation into the fellowship of the highest ideal. 🔊

9. It fully expresses the out of door atmosphere and the spirit of good fellowship and adventure that is found in the original ballads. 🔊

10. We go to them with the same gospel, which is able to save them to the same fellowship of faith and love on earth and to the same heaven. 🔊

11. But his conscience does not allow him even to seem to hold ecclesiastical fellowship with the man he honors as a ruler and loves as a friend. 🔊

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