Festive in a sentence

Definition of Festive

Having the atmosphere, decoration, or attitude of a festival, holiday, or celebration. | In the mood to celebrate.

How to use Festive in a Sentence?

  • It was to be a festive event, and people of distinguished rank were expected to be present.
  • Ah! mingle not with the harmless beverage of your festive scene this poison of adders!
  • The meetings were always held in the drawing-room, and were rather festive in character.
  • Each year every relative punctually celebrated the obsequies, and that was a very festive day.
  • Tea, sandwiches and little cakes may be served in the dining-room from a festive birthday table.
  • I was sorry to be the bearer of bad news into such a festive chamber as the pastor's.
  • Men and women were hastening homeward with well-filled baskets which they had provided for the festive morrow.
  • He did not understand how these songs of gladness and festive costumes could be reconciled with the open grave.
  • Only four members of the two households failed to take a violently active part in that festive gathering.
  • I was worked up to quite a festive state of mind day before yesterday, but my enthusiasm is all drying up and cooling off now.
  • Manguino was apparelled in a festive garb as were his men, and when they reached the podium, they helped him up the steps to it.
  • Andrew, in a spirit of skeptical defiance, had made his castle look as flowery and festive as possible.
  • Many of the Templars who were the foremost in these festive scenes afterwards took up arms against their sovereign.
  • Is there any place in your nature where life and death, or heaven and hell, can meet in festive joys?
  • The appointment of festive anniversaries has ever in the sense of mankind been held the best method of keeping alive the spirit of any institution.
  • A festive reception is then held by the mother in her room, and streams of women-visitors come to compliment her and peep at the infant.
  • Wine was not withheld, and the jugi being in a festive frame of mind drank deeply, so that he soon lay as one dead.
  • We were guests at the same festive board, and both of us at Nature's invitation.
  • In addition to this, they wore, on festive occasions, blankets woven out of the fleeces of mountain goats.
  • We had a very festive Xmas dinner, going to the wards which were in charge of nursing orderlies between the courses.
  • SeƱor Ortega trod on my heels and after sitting down opposite me threw an ill-natured glance at the festive scene.
  • The gathering itself, on the other hand, became to a large extent a fiesta, a festive occasion for the display of social amenities.
  • But did it meet with success, the suitor was ever thereafter Made the chief guest in the house on every festive occasion.
  • Led to his place in the ranks, he presented arms, each brigade marched away, led by its brigadier, and the day concluded with a festive evening.
  • Light up the mansion, spread the festive board; Welcome the gay, the noble, and the fair!

Short Example Sentence for Festive

  • Tea was a festive meal.
  • Dinner that evening was a festive meal.
  • The perennial boar steams upon the festive board!
  • A solemn festive greeting, to the coming day!
  • There were festive gatherings at Loreng.
  • The populace of Havana is eminently a festive one.
  • Annette is singled out at once as appropriate to these festive occasions.
  • Here was a matter for congratulation and for festive remembrance through ages.
  • The city itself was decorated with festive drapery and floral arches.
  • The long dining table had begun to take on a truly festive air.
  • A festive grasshopper jumps up into my face, and makes a carom on the web.
  • In festive scene, with smile serene, aye cheerfully made one.
  • She wore a festive silk waist, and looked altogether lovely, the boy thought.
  • Maurice Hindus says Moscow appears festive and colorful.

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