Finesse in a sentence

Definition of Finesse

(transitive, chiefly Canada, US, politics) To evade (a problem, situation, etc.) by using some clever argument or strategem. | (transitive, card games) To play (a card) as a finesse. [from mid 18th c.] | (transitive, intransitive) To handle or manage carefully or skilfully; to manipulate in a crafty way. [from mid 18th c.]

Short Example Sentence for Finesse

  • 1. I had expected him to finesse to this question.
  • 2. The finesse ov reason.
  • 3. He used no unnecessary finesse in stating his ends.
  • 4. Racey possessed too much native finesse to overdo it.
  • 5. Quelquefois en amour trop de finesse abuse.
  • 6. The German staff had supplied supreme finesse to this end.
  • 7. Happily for the exiles, Jobson was equally deficient in finesse and secrecy.
  • 8. Race rude, de grande noblesse, d'une finesse de caillou.
  • 9. Louez donc avec finesse ceux à qui vous avez recours, intéressez leur vanité.

How to use Finesse in a Sentence?

  • 1. Her understanding is just and delicate; with a finesse of wit that is the result of reflection.
  • 2. Thank you, gentlemen both, for the courage and finesse you displayed in this desperate quest.
  • 3. There was no finesse about him; he was a good fighter, with any amount of pluck, but the very antithesis of a scout.
  • 4. He had a perspicacity in finesse that the plain, keen, and honest bluntness of former days could not deceive.
  • 5. Le déjeuner était servi avec toute la finesse qui devait succéder à la brutale époque dont nous sortions.
  • 6. Five out of six we took, and brought alongside; but the first, which acted the finesse so well, got clear off.
  • 7. Such a finesse might do mighty well for a methodist; but what would she have said, had I been the author of it?
  • 8. Carew would have to be inveigled with the greatest finesse into an interview with Meryl, without ever letting him perceive a woman was leading him.
  • 9. For all his finesse and superior height and weight, the Englishman had his cheek laid open and his arm ripped up in the course of a minute.
  • 10. Caleb Balderstone hesitated to carry finesse so far as direct falsehood, and was content to deceive, if possible, without directly lying.
  • 11. His later years were lacking in the energy and finesse that had characterized him during her lifetime, and it was doubtless her loss which clouded his spirits and removed from him the chief inspiration of his reign.
  • 12. His fancies had hovered hazily about some imaginary college girl, one skilled in the finesse of the rules that society teaches young women in self-defense.