Fit in a sentence

Definition of Fit

Suitable, proper. | Adapted to a purpose or environment. | In good shape; physically well.

Short Example Sentence for Fit

  • 1. It is not fit it should be told.
  • 2. At last he gave orders to fit out his cruisers.
  • 3. He made the poor old man almost fit to cry.
  • 4. Ce coup de foudre ne se fit pas attendre.
  • 5. She would be very fit to adorn a Court.
  • 6. They do not fit into the Teutonic diplomatic scheme.
  • 7. Mrs. Tottenham had nothing fit to wear.
  • 8. I suppose I shall never be fit for the front again.
  • 9. In short, I had a violent fit of the nightmare.
  • 10. I don't know if it is in a fit state to show you.
  • 11. She stamped her foot at him in a little fit of hysterical passion.
  • 12. Boundless knowledge seems only in a fit conjunction with an unbounded power.
  • 13. And she slipped on her knees and burst into a passionate fit of weeping.
  • 14. She was seized by a fit of nervous anxiety which became almost a paroxysm.
  • 15. When the doctor reached him, there was a genuine fit of vomiting.
  • 16. Then, just as suddenly as it had come upon him, the fit passed.
  • 17. I could not trust him out of my sight, nor, indeed, was he fit to be left.

How to use Fit in a Sentence?

  • 1. He had no idea of being cheated out of it by a sudden fit of unreasonable squeamishness.
  • 2. It seems to me that you distort the facts to make them fit in with your theory.
  • 3. How perfectly it shapes the freedom of man to fit the doctrine of predestination!
  • 4. He saw the opportunity, and he would not have been fit for his place if he had not seized it.
  • 5. His wretched engineer would have had a fit from fright at the mere idea of any sort of combat.
  • 6. As concerning the petitions preferred to us, we would dismiss you with fit and proper answers.
  • 7. Their light fell on luxurious furniture, fit for the boudoir of a lovely and noble lady.
  • 8. Amongst the whole Hungarian party there is no one fit to become the ideal of a martial nation.
  • 9. Torwood saw my father lying back in the chair, trembling, and he dreaded a fit every moment.
  • 10. Love to Sheffelina, though I was always fit to pull her cap when I saw you petting her.
  • 11. The Summer Apartment, which is level with the Court, is fit to lodge a Monarch.
  • 12. And since I have receiv'd much kindness from him, 'Tis fit I should endure this one affliction.
  • 13. Scattered throughout it were countless hundreds of what should have been young men fit for military service.
  • 14. This communion of some with some may be illustrated by the case of letters; for some letters do not fit each other, while others do.
  • 15. I have watched the success of my dearly beloved pupil in the performance of the various tasks which you have seen fit to impose upon him.
  • 16. He has to foresee the wants of many hungry mouths months ahead, and fit them in to a scanty allowance of transport.
  • 17. She might begin innocently with the fit of his new clothes, but as likely as not she would end with revelations of unspeakable horror.
  • 18. The jackal is a social kind of dog, and a pack of hungry or excited jackals can howl in notes fit to pierce the ears of the deafest.
  • 19. You're just tired out, you know, and won't be fit for anything till you've had a rest.
  • 20. He proposed, therefore, that Tom should employ it in the black traffic; that is to say, that he should fit out a slave ship.
  • 21. France, for example, regarded no name in its diplomatic register less eminent than that of a Cambon fit to head its mission to Berlin.
  • 22. His burial-place is on a hill overhanging the Bristol Channel, a spot selected by his father as a fit resting-place for his beloved boy.
  • 23. She watched him with that strange look of hers, sometimes as if she were on her guard against him, sometimes as if she would like to strike at him as in that fit of childish passion.