Flat in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Flat

1. Trying to make a flat place. 🔊

2. Some streets and roads are flat and level. 🔊

3. Lay them on a flat dish and cover with fried greens. 🔊

4. The windows of their rooms opened on a broad, flat roof. 🔊

5. I do not speak of plaster ornaments, but of flat decorations. 🔊

6. She thought it the wisest thing then to tell him the flat ungentle truth. 🔊

7. One end terminated in a broad flat button; the other in a blunted point. 🔊

8. Suddenly, he left his companions and ran to a large, flat rock. 🔊

9. He dragged out the flat bottle from his pocket, and held it up to Gray. 🔊

10. The two fell to the deck, Decatur under, and flat on his back. 🔊

11. Letters from Bristol for the Flat Holm are conveyed by way of Cardiff. 🔊

How to use Flat in Sentences?

1. Lloyd pushed some buttons on the flat key pad and the black-glass panel displayed some more words. 🔊

2. As a floor is a flat surface, no ornamental covering placed on it should make it appear otherwise. 🔊

3. The moon had passed its zenith long since, and half of the flat lay in dense shadow. 🔊

4. It is so very large, and we see so small a part of it at one time, that it looks flat to us. 🔊

5. In reference to the rehearsals of the first production of the E flat major Quartet, Op. 🔊