Flowing in a sentence

Definition of Flowing

Tending to flow. | Moving, proceeding or shaped smoothly, gracefully, or continuously. | present participle of flow

How to use Flowing in a Sentence?

  • The presence of the condenser precludes the possibility of direct current flowing in this path.
  • The aileron which is lowered catches the air currents flowing beneath the wing on that side.
  • Maxwell was a splendid playmate, and she thought of his farm as flowing with milk and honey!
  • Pep stood in half an inch of water, which was flowing in under the front doors.
  • The world is mathematical, and has no casualty, in all its vast and flowing curve.
  • They carry the liquor of life flowing up and down in these beautiful bottles, and announcing to the curious how it is with them.
  • There was the river before them, flowing through a channel that it dug out of solid rock over its many years of erosion.
  • Dressed in costly silks with long flowing trains, her hair was not allowed to hang loosely over her shoulders any more.
  • The receiver in this circuit is placed in the local circuit, and is thus not traversed by the steady currents flowing in the line.
  • If the wing could strike the air in such a way as to sharply divide it into currents flowing above and below, there would be no head resistance.
  • If direct current be flowing in one of the windings, and remains constant, no current whatever is produced in the other.
  • It is largely used in telegraphy, and often in telephony in such cases as require a constantly flowing current of small quantity.
  • He immediately rushed upon the first of them, and knocking the top in, held the torch over it to see what was flowing out.
  • The journey was shortly over and they beheld the waters of the Grand river, flowing between their narrow banks.
  • I had some, of course, for the pleasure of being helped by him, and he dropped it into my milk in a gold flowing stream, smiling as he did so.
  • I leaned back in my chair and watched her, her white fingers straying over the keys, her thin blue sleeves flowing back from her white arms.
  • I have never been able to ask myself what is the color of the eyes of that Madonna, or of her flowing hair, or the tone of the drapery.
  • It is not expected that this arrester will blow because 6 or 7 amperes of abnormal currents are flowing through it and the apparatus to be protected.
  • Another conception of this quantity may be had by remembering that a coulomb is such a quantity of current as will result from one ampere flowing one second.
  • He always remembered afterward that it was a chair of which the flowing curves and rich interlacings of design contrasted with her subtly emphasized simplicity.
  • Variations in the resistance of the transmitter when in action, cause complementary variations in the supply current flowing through the primary of the induction coil.
  • The borders of these scarves are beautifully illustrative of the simple and graceful flowing lines which characterise Indian ornament; and in Fig.
  • The fuse acts in response to a certain current value flowing through it and this minimum current in well-designed protectors for telephone lines is not very small.
  • The alternating currents flowing in the primary of the coil induce currents in the secondary of the coil which supplement and augment the fluctuations produced by the direct action of the transmitter.
  • The transmitter, therefore, has a direct action on the currents flowing in the line by the variation in resistance which it produces in the line circuit.
  • The big, strong man, all trembling, lies on his face beside Azrael, and hides himself beneath her mantle and her long flowing tresses.

Short Example Sentence for Flowing

  • And the moonlight flowing over all.
  • Some have many rivers flowing through them.
  • Female figure with flowing hair; hands gone.
  • Male figure, bearded, with flowing hair; hands gone.
  • The river is flowing into Squaw Lake above there now.
  • His tone was as positive as if he saw it flowing beneath the surface.
  • Think of the great wide flowing river with its wharves and its boats.
  • This worthy wore a flowing wig and a shirt bedecked with frills.
  • Sometimes a piece of land has water flowing only part way around it.
  • Cecily in a flowing garment, pacing back and forth with the baby in her arms.
  • Snowy white, with a long, flowing mane, and intelligent as a human.
  • An annuity, flowing from the fortune, I suppose, of the woman I marry!
  • The little brook heard the boy's words as it went flowing by.
  • In trotted a troop of horses, neighing loudly, "Who stole our flowing manes?

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