Flowing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Flowing

1. And the moonlight flowing over all. 🔊

2. Some have many rivers flowing through them. 🔊

3. Female figure with flowing hair; hands gone. 🔊

4. Male figure, bearded, with flowing hair; hands gone. 🔊

5. The river is flowing into Squaw Lake above there now. 🔊

6. His tone was as positive as if he saw it flowing beneath the surface. 🔊

7. Think of the great wide flowing river with its wharves and its boats. 🔊

8. Sometimes a piece of land has water flowing only part way around it. 🔊

9. Snowy white, with a long, flowing mane, and intelligent as a human. 🔊

10. An annuity, flowing from the fortune, I suppose, of the woman I marry! 🔊

11. The little brook heard the boy's words as it went flowing by. 🔊

How to use Flowing in Sentences?

1. Pep stood in half an inch of water, which was flowing in under the front doors. 🔊

2. The world is mathematical, and has no casualty, in all its vast and flowing curve. 🔊

3. They carry the liquor of life flowing up and down in these beautiful bottles, and announcing to the curious how it is with them. 🔊

4. There was the river before them, flowing through a channel that it dug out of solid rock over its many years of erosion. 🔊

5. The receiver in this circuit is placed in the local circuit, and is thus not traversed by the steady currents flowing in the line. 🔊

6. It is largely used in telegraphy, and often in telephony in such cases as require a constantly flowing current of small quantity. 🔊

7. If direct current be flowing in one of the windings, and remains constant, no current whatever is produced in the other. 🔊

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