Foot in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Foot

1. We arrived at the foot of the mountain. 🔊

2. He pointed to his foot again as he spoke. 🔊

3. Helen stretched out one foot to the blaze. 🔊

4. At the foot of the Stairs. 🔊

5. Grant has not gained a foot since the capture of Corinth. 🔊

6. Lumley drew up his foot and began to wet the bandages again. 🔊

7. She stamped her foot at him in a little fit of hysterical passion. 🔊

8. I bore her to the foot of a tree, and leaned her gently against it. 🔊

9. The bed was placed as it is now, with the foot where the head ought to be. 🔊

10. Covered in engine driving the 31 foot propeller shaft for the 2 propellers. 🔊

11. As soon as Cloete has set foot on something firm he becomes himself again. 🔊

12. Occupied with these thoughts, I arrived at the foot of the mountain. 🔊

How to use Foot in Sentences?

1. Those who had fled on foot were first overtaken and then those who had the poorest mounts. 🔊

2. I flew after them, and found them on the dark landing at the foot of our own flight. 🔊

3. It had been many weeks since he had, to our knowledge, set foot on our premises. 🔊

4. He was anxious that Gray should believe his foot was much worse than it really was. 🔊

5. Jessie made no reply, but she put one foot on his short skirt, holding him in place. 🔊

6. I watched my opportunity, fled from the convent, and made my way on foot to Naples. 🔊