Foresee in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Foresee

1. But he did not foresee the consequences. 🔊

2. Little did he foresee the consequences. 🔊

3. I myself did not foresee its coming. 🔊

4. He certainly did foresee the whole. 🔊

5. I foresee how it must end. 🔊

6. To foresee and avert death. 🔊

7. Therefore no one could foresee what the future would be. 🔊

8. Seer, one who can foresee events, a prophet. 🔊

9. I can foresee some things, Ned. 🔊

10. It did not need vision to foresee trouble from that quarter. 🔊

11. Flobecq was wary enough to foresee such an awkward eventuality. 🔊

12. It was a situation which neither of us could foresee nor prevent. 🔊

13. The calamity had been foreseen, but to foresee is not to realize. 🔊

14. As it is, I foresee we shall have very great difficulty with them. 🔊

15. He is a journalist, but I foresee ruin in that line for Desmond. 🔊

16. But do not condemn me, George, for what I did not foresee and could not help. 🔊

How to use Foresee in Sentences?

1. I foresee yet another cause for your roaming about the world, which you divulged in my presence. 🔊

2. How were my senses overcome with feare, That I could not foresee this jeopardy! 🔊

3. Somehow she felt herself being pushed into a position, but she could not foresee where it would terminate. 🔊

4. In the purchase of your stock of goods you must gauge the trend of popular taste and foresee the big demand. 🔊

5. If we would foresee what a future age is to think, we must observe what a few great men are now thinking. 🔊