Foresight in a sentence

Definition of Foresight

The ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future. | the front sight on a rifle or similar weapon | (surveying) a bearing taken forwards towards a new object

Short Example Sentence for Foresight

  • 1. I praise thy foresight there.
  • 2. Would you have less foresight than Noah?
  • 3. It would be misjudging the foresight of Mgr.
  • 4. Many of the victims of his foresight were those highest in church and state.
  • 5. This noble foundation suggests the religious foresight that laid it.
  • 6. This was to teach her foresight and carefulness, her father said.
  • 7. If only you had had the foresight to follow us, a sailing or two later!
  • 8. Even the Apostles had no plan, no foresight of future development.
  • 9. Sigismund's lack of foresight and his prodigality were notorious.

How to use Foresight in a Sentence?

  • 1. Our business and our pleasures involve the continual foresight of many contingencies.
  • 2. The young bright mind was too childishly simple for any such foresight or calculation.
  • 3. That is the way to master the present, for the best part of foresight is in the reflex.
  • 4. But we had no foresight of that, and no preparation for it, and our circumstances betrayed us.
  • 5. Therefore, whilst the retreat was bewailed, everybody praised the foresight of the orator.
  • 6. This foresight caused a profound sadness in his heart, and abundant tears flowed from his eyes.
  • 7. Indeed, Auburn owes very much to the spirit, foresight and enterprise of its founder.
  • 8. Do not suffer yourselves to be persuaded that measures of foresight are always followed by disasters.
  • 9. His satisfaction with himself for his foresight in storing his powder anew was his one real joy of the day.
  • 10. These could not have come about through chance or the working of mechanical forces, but only through the foresight of a rational will.
  • 11. Wallie cursed inwardly at his lack of foresight in not having his men go stocking-footed to the double murder.
  • 12. His foresight and resourcefulness were phenomenal, and no threatening situation found him without some good remedy.
  • 13. None can be more soul-stirring than the quick thought, quick action and foresight displayed by our own captain.
  • 14. There are many instances in the canyon where lack of foresight or lack of knowledge in this respect has brought about the destruction of walls.
  • 15. We see every hour those in whom the desire of present indulgence overpowers all sense of past and all foresight of future misery.
  • 16. In consequence of this extraordinary foresight of our prophet, people have looked with no little concern to what he says for the future.
  • 17. Human skill and foresight may provide to the utmost, and yet there remains the greater dangers which can not be foreseen or provided against.
  • 18. Even this wary, distrustful chief of banditti forgot for a moment his usual foresight and precaution in the common wish to be admired.
  • 19. He picked up a rifle an inch below the foresight with an underhanded action, and used it exactly as a man would use a dagger.
  • 20. Such gentlemen have since had more reason to repent of their want of foresight than I hope any of the same class will ever have in this country.
  • 21. He now had reason, as indeed he had a score of times so far, to bless the foresight that had led him to purchase a two-speed machine.
  • 22. It would have been better, if foresight had {95} equalled hindsight, to have given the money out and out.
  • 23. Southerners of foresight have, therefore, severely criticized this custom and, in a measure, have contributed to its decline.
  • 24. We may learn gratitude as well as vigilance from cranes, foresight from ants, modesty from elephants, and loyalty from horses.
  • 25. The selection has been made with a great deal of foresight and taste, by men who are highly esteemed as elocutionists, writers, or teachers.
  • 26. I have thanked Miss Porter a dozen times for having had the foresight to obtain your name and that of your brave young comrades.
  • 27. But still less could it be expected of the overseers that they would exercise foresight and self-control enough to retain the good will of the blacks.
  • 28. The which appeared to Edward Henry to point to a defect of foresight on the part of Wilkins's.
  • 29. I can take all the care which human foresight can, and then we must trust to Providence, who keeps a lookout for poor Jack.
  • 30. Even should there be any negligence in the other offices and should there be no such good foresight and caution as is proper, if you fulfil your duty, it would be less inconvenient.
  • 31. The first lieutenant was quite as much astonished as delighted at this apparent want of foresight on the part of the pirate captain, but he made no remark.